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Film & TV course Level 3

Film and Tv 16/18

These are the pictures which represents me as a person. On Monday we had to find pictures which represents us as a person. The main picture is the map of France, this represents my country and my nationality. I am... Continue Reading →

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Unit 13 Extended Project

Portfolio Drafts Marwan Boudanga Draft 3 Marwan Boudanga Draft 2 (Draft 2 is still not finished as I have references to do, the literature review to finish as well as bits and pieces) Marwan Boudanga Draft 1 Proect Proposal: Proposal project Unit... Continue Reading →

Unit 12

Marwan Boudanga Wednesday 7th February Final Draft Marwan Boudanga Sunday 4th February Draft 5 Marwan Boudanga 27th January draft 4 marwan boudanga 21st january 2018 draft 3 Marwan Boudanga 13th january 2018 draft 2 Marwan Boudanga 06 January 2018 Draft... Continue Reading →

Term 1

Week 13: Final version Week 12: draft 5 Week 11: Draft 4 Week 10:  Draft 3 Week 9:Draft 2 + Pre Production Planning of Own Scene Week 8: Draft 1  

Week 7

Marwan Latest Portfolio

Week 7

Marwan Latest Portfolio

Week 6


Week 5

Marwan Portfolio 2

Week 4

Marwan Portfolio

Week 3

Week 3

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