My favourite scene from a tv or film show

Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015)

In this task, we had to talk about our favourite scene from a film or tv show, saying why you chose this scene and talking broadly about the film itself.

The scene which I have chosen is when Han Solo is killed by Kylo Ren who is Han Solo’s son. This part of the film is such a sad scene that I am about to cry every time I watch it. Han Solo is a famous character from Star Wars 4 to 6. To see a well known character like him dying in front of audiences who are watching is extremely tragic. Just before Han Solo died, there was an extreme amount of tension, because no one had an idea about what would happen once Kylo Ren grabs the lightsabre. Is he going to listen to Han Solo to turn to the light, is he going to kill him? What I love about this scene is the suspense when the 2 characters meet up on the bridge. Once Kylo Ren points the sabre to Han Solo as he kills him, there is a genuine outpouring of sadness from everyone. It is an extremely heartbreaking of the film which is why I chose it.

(google images 12/09/16 )