These are the pictures which represents me as a person. On Monday we had to find pictures which represents us as a person.

The main picture is the map of France, this represents my country and my nationality. I am also Moroccan. I got a family there. My favourite food is Moroccan lamb and couscous. The taste of the couscous and lamb is amazing. It melts in your mouth when you eat it. The pictures on the right shows the town of Vaison La Romaine which is where I lived before I moved to England.

The next on above is Pray For Paris, which is to remember the victims of the Paris attacks in November 2015. The attack in Paris in November 2015 shocked me profoundly because of the number of victims. Not only that but it happened during my birthday. The logo represents the French football team which I have been supporting all along during the Euro 2016.

There are a number of rappers in the collage which I listen to a lot. Booba, PNL and Kaaris are my favourite French rappers. PNL has an album coming on the 16th of September in which i am really excited about. I was also a huge fan of Michael Jackson at the time before he died. I used to listen to his music many times, and talked about it many times to my friend. It was so tragic when I heard that he died. It felt like as if part of me was broken.

I have a mixed personality. I am shy when it comes to speaking in front of classes and audiences. I am a very friendly person who likes talking to people who are kind towards me. I am also quite creative when it comes to making videos for example. I am always trying to make new videos which are a bit more different to others. I am a very emotional person when it comes to thing that happens in France like terror attacks for example. I was overwhelmingly shocked from the Charlie Hebdo attacks to the Church attack on the 26th of July 2016 and the Nice attack on Bastille Day. I stress everyday about what could happen next like as if I was on a emotional crisis. So to pass this anxiety, I play sport to calm myself down

The only sport I play is tennis at the moment. Its my number one sport. I used to play football before in my town in France for about 4 years, then I carried on in Faversham for a year and a half before finding out that I did not go to trainings anymore and found it a bit tedious to go to training every Saturday for football. So the second sport I thought of was tennis, and I enjoyed and carried on playing for the next 5 years and I will carry on in the future.

I watch Youtube videos, mainly French Youtubers like Cyprien, Squeezie and Bled D’Art, who are extremely funny. They make great videos enjoyable for everyone.

My Video + Planning

To film the video which you can see underneath, I had to find the perfect location without a sound so that my voice is  clear. There were some background noises from time to time, but I still managed to produce the bit of footage I wanted.  I decided not to appear in the video, because I would not feel comfortable about people looking at me while watching it.


But before all of that, I planned it first. I jotted down a few ideas before getting started. I wrote the main ideas about myself, for example I wrote about my nationality, the music I listen to daily, my personality, that I am a shy but creative person. I also wrote about the sport I like which is tennis.