In this task we had to collect pictures of our life from when we were little to teenage ( perhaps…), so that people know who we are. Pictures from the internet are not allowed.

The first picture shows the location of where I was born. I was born in Luton, England, although at 3 months premature. My date of birth is on the 13th of November, where as it was meant to be on the 10th of February.I was about the size of my father’s hand! This is how small I was.

The next few pictures are in France, in Vaison La Romaine. I went to primary for the first time, which is why I got a photo of me with my new school bag, getting ready for school. It was very excited I presume, to see my friends again. Outside of school, I played football a lot with the football club of Vaison La Romaine (L’Olympique Vaisonnais). I really enjoyed playing football, scored many goals, in which some I can remember. We won 2 cups and 4 medals, which I still have. My cat Diva, is the most adorable cat ever (from my point of view! The photo of me in great joy, was when I received my first console for my 7th birthday. To be honest, I think it was the best present of my entire life! I had a really good time in Vaison La Romaine, it is such a great town to visit, a very touristic town.

After spending 4 years in Vaison La Romaine, I moved to a bed and breakfast in England, in search of a house and school. After searching for a school for about a few weeks, I chose to go to Sheldwich Primary School. My first day was really nervous as I spoke a little bit of English. The first day was ( I got to admit…) nerve-wracking. Everyone was looking at me outside the class, and when everyone came they said ‘Bonjour’. As I spent my time in England, I went to many places, from the London museum film, to America, to the ATP tennis in the O2 arena. The London museum film, was a really interesting place, I saw many sculptures from Night at the museum, to terminator ( I love the Terminator series ), to many different movie icons.

The next big trip I went to was… America! It’s the best trip I have been too by far and the most intriguing trip as well. I was over excited to go to New York, to admire the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and many other famous landmarks. I also was extremely hyped for Philadelphia, as I was eager to walk the steps where Rocky ran during the Rocky films. But there was one thing that ruined a lot of what I was excited to do, Hurricane Sandy. It ruined the trip to Philadelphia which meant I would not have been able to walk the famous steps where Rocky walked. The other place in which I would not have been able to go is the Statue of Liberty. Although, we were allowed to go to the Empire State Building, and the view was beyond imaginable. I managed to see the new Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty!

2 years later I went to see a tennis match, but It was not any random match, it was Tsonga vs Federer. I am a huge fan of Jo Wilfried Tsonga, as he is a French tennis player, and I could not believe my eyes that I was watching it for real. The other live tennis match I went to ( the exact same place ) was Richard Gasquet vs Djokovic. By far it was the best match I have seen for real. Gasquet is a player who inspired me to improve my backhand ( now I do one-handed backhand).

I was a fan of Harry Potter at the time. So me and the family went to the Harry Potter Studios. I discovered the many different props used for the film. I even went on the brooms, and got a little film of me flying across the famous locations of Harry Potter.

2015 and 2016 were packed with many events. At the end of 2015, I was invited to a party, where about 40% of the pupils in my year was here. There was a disco which was really entertaining. Later in 2016, as me and my family travelled to Vaison La Romaine, we went to Paris by car and so the Stade de France for real for the first time in my life. It was such a short but enjoyable experience to admire it.

During the weekend in August, I went to Belgium to stay in a Bed and Breakfast. I had a really good time, making new friends, playing football as well. On Sunday we went to a fort. It was interesting to see the different places even though we did not understand much Belgium. On our last day, we went to St Niklaas which is a big town of about 70,000 people. It was amazing to finish the holidays in Belgium in a city that is purely amazing. It’s very modern, with a big Square, although there were not as many people as I thought.

This is my life, as detailed as I possibly could. It took me quite some time to search for the pictures which you can see above.