During the lessons of this week, we looked at how the ways of researching something. We had to find what we are trying to find out, how to find it out, the sources, and to apply it.

What are Primary and Secondary Research.

Primary Research is your own research. This means that you are the one who has to research information about what you want to find out.

Secondary Research involves finding out information from someone elses work. This means accessing information which has already been gathered.

Research is the key to everything:

  • You can find the location ( is it possible to film there )
  • The history of how something happened ( places, rich/poor. good guys and bad guys )
  • Clothes ( Semiology, dress properly linked to location)
  • You have to know who you are making it for ( target audience: class, 5-years-old, 75-years-old

Methods of Researching

There are many different ways of researching something:

– Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews or taking photos

Other ways of finding information are by using sources

  • www ( Internet )
  • Books
  • Diary
  • Magazines
  • Photos

Research Plan

When you want to do research about something before writing an essay, you’ve got to find the right elements using the example which I will show you underneath.

1) What are you trying to find out?

  • Location – ask people, use Facebook or Twitter to find out etc…
  • Actors
  • Genre – watch and take notes, use the internet for more information
  • Structure
  • Props
  • Audience-who are you doing it for?

2) How you are going to find online?

  • You would use the internet ( Not Wikipedia) to find information + primary sources ( practise, photos )

3) Source Locate

  • READ IT – make sure that you read it to check any spellings and punctuations
  • ( Highlight and summarise ) – if you are using a website that contains a few pages, use the most important phrases from those pages and shorten it

4) Apply it – Havard Reference

My own example of a research plan

My example will be: PNL – DA

1) What am I trying to find out?

  • Location – Paris next to the Eiffel tower and Tar Tarterets at Corbeil Essones
  • Genre – French rap (2016)
  • Audience – 14 years old or more
  • Those who are singing – NOS and Ademos, 2 brothers from Tarterets region
  • Branding – PNL which means (Peace N’Loves) – Loves means money.
  • The meaning of DA –  which is a type a drug (dopamine), could be something strong


2) How to find it online?

Using this video: It contains loads of information about to song to get the meaning of the title and locations etc…


Legistor, PNL – DA:L’ANALYSE de Legistor, 2016https://youtu.be/trUvqaV-Lfw


Legistor, (2016), PNL – DA:L’ANALYSE de Legistor, Available at:https://youtu.be/trUvqaV-Lfw, Accessed on 20/09/2016