Semiology is when there are scenes which are encoded, so it contains a message, in which once you watch that scene, have to decode it.

In the second day of week 1, we studied about semiology. We got told that there are signs to find out how someone is feeling. We used the colours: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Red is a colour which represents someone who wants power or who is angry, but in a more positive note, in can show love. Green is one colour which can show someone as being jealous or happy. Yellow is a brighter colour to represent warmth or success. The last one is blue. This one is not as negative as red, but it has quite a sad side to it. If someone is wearing blue for example, it could represent someone as being sick, or cold. But it can also represent someone as calm, who does not talk much.

After that, we watched a part of an episode called Skins. It showed the rooms of different teenagers. We can clearly see what kind of person someone is by looking at their body language and also by how their rooms looked like. Some of the teenagers had clean rooms and were active. Others were lazy and had a room which was clearly untidy with bowls of cereals left,clothes appeared everywhere. Others are focused on one thing, which is why the camera was focused on one of the girls in the dark room. The focus was on her and her clarinet, nothing else.

Colour Table

RED: Danger, love, anger, luxury, heat, jealousy, power

GREEN: Envy, happy, wealthy, jealousy, healthy, nature, greed, magical, wealth

YELLOW: Happy, caution, bright, summer, warmth, enlightenment, success

BLUE: Sick, sad, cold, contemplative, neutral, nostalgia, space, serious, relaxed, aura

 My chosen Scene

My chosen scene is from The Big Bang Theory Episode 1 Season 1, where they meet their new neighbour


The Big Bang Theory Season 1 – 1×01 Meeting Penny, Clips From TBBT,2013

This is the Big Bang Theory, where 2 men are meeting a new neighbour. As the clip goes on, the new neighbour is a glamorous lady with pretty clothes. If we look behind her, we can see a bit that her room seem clean. From the 2 men when they approach Penny’s room, we can see that Sheldon, who is the tall man with the brown long shirt and black hair, talks in a very different and slightly more ‘geeky’ way than Leonard who is the man with the glasses and fuzzy hair. We clearly see by the expression of Leonard , that he seems to become interested in her straight away.

Once they met Penny and are near their apartment, Sheldon talks about a series which he wanted to watch. This shows that he likes watching TV a lot, and could always talk about it. Once we see their rooms, it isn’t as tidy as we can see the number of books they have in the background, tidy, but in a different way. It contains 2 computers which are those of Sheldon and Leonard. As well as all those gadgets which they have, the room contains 2 white boards with writing on it. It could tell us as an audience that they could be some kind of scientists. They could be physicists, biologists or other types of scientists. These first 3 minutes tell us many information about what type of person they are. One is more of a geek than the other.Sheldon is the one also who talks using complex words, which can be difficult for people like Penny to understand.


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