What does a director do?

The film director directs the making of the film. He is in charge of making sure that “every component of a movie runs smoothly”

Skills needed to become a director

The skills needed to become a director are as follows:

  • Determination – Having good determination, means that your brave in what you’re doing
  • Skills –  If you have good skills, you will find it easier to do the job properly, which means you have experience as well
  • Leadership – If you have good leadership, the people around you will listen to you and you will give clear orders.
  • Consistency
  • Perfection – A director would want to achieve the film to the highest level to make it successful.
  • Patience
  • Passion – If you have passion for working as a director, this will make it easier because you do something which you love.
  • Confidence – having a good level of confidence shows that you know what you are doing and that you  are not afraid.
  • Vision – you have to be creative
  • Luck – if you have the money

How to become a director

To become a director, you need to consume as much media as possible, but you should not just watch it for the pleasure of it, you should also take notes and analyse the detail beyond the film. You also need to go to University to develop our skills, without it you will find it harder to carry on with the what you want to achieve. In University, you will get to make connections with other friends making it easier to achieve what you want if your friends work in the same area as well.

My chosen director


Caroline Framke, 2015,

The director I choose is George Lucas

George Lucas is a writer, producer and indeed a director. He is extremely known for making Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

He was born on May the 14th, 1944. He grew up in the suburbs which is where he got the inspiration his 1973 film American Graffiti. “He studied cinematography at the University of Southern California and caught the eye of Francis Ford Coppola, who helped him enter the film business.”

In his early life,  he had passion for cars and motor racing, in which he later was nominated for his low-budget phenomenon, American graffiti (1973). But way before he was interested with the movie camera, he actually wanted to be a racing driver but had an accident which destroyed his dream. So instead, he attended community college and found the passion for cinematography  and camera. From advice of one of his friend, he went to University of Southern California film making school where he made many short films like University of Southern California filmmaking school. Although his first film was a failure, and the critics were mostly negative.

He learned from his mistakes and decided to work on his next project American Graffiti (1973). The film budget of the film was only $780,000, grossed more than $100 million. The film itself earned 5 Academy Awards. These include Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director for Lucas. Even now it is still the most successful low-budget film. He later in his life, directed Star Wars from 1 to 6 and the Indiana Jones series.


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