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In this lesson, we learnt about how to become a lighting engineer. We had to now what a director does and the skills to become one.

A lighting engineer deals with light but there is more to it. A lighting Engineer would design the lighting set up to know where to place the lights. The lighting engineer would also maintain the light. So if a light is broken, he/she would prepare it before using it the next day. The person would also set the lights up in the right position to the agreed design. The director will explain what he wants from the lighting and so it is the engineer’s job to bring that to life. Different genres would have different lighting set ups,

How do you become a lighting engineer?

To become a lighting engineer you need to make sure that you have hours and hours of work experience. Theatres are a good place where you can get work experience. After many hours of work experience, you would have to go to University to carry on with the studies. You could make connections with other people making it easier for you in the future.  Going to University means that you would also have a provable level of education. You will know information about lighting. When you start the job, you will have that knowledge, to be able to fix, place lights.

Skills to become lighting engineer

  • Good level of maths and physics
  • You got to have a curious mind-set
  • You have to be able to collaborate with others to work efficiently.

If you have all of these skills, you will then be able to choose whether you want an internship, where you get employed but you are not getting paid.

Apprenticeships are different, you get to work for a number of months where you do get paid this time for doing education.

The last option would be to be a freelancer. This means that you are self-employed. So with a group of other people in which you have to do work that is set by someone in a certain time. Later you might then be able to create your own company.


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