In this lesson, we learned about Foley and we have to research information about it

Research Plan

  • Meaning of Foley, how it is done –  ( how foley occurred )
  • Examples of Foley
  • Famous films using foley

What is Foley?

Foley are sound effects added to the film during post production and after the shootings finishes. For example, an introductory shot of a biker wearing a leather jacket might be enhanced if we hear his jacket creak as he enters the shot – but do we really want to hear it every time he moves? By adding the foley sound in post, its intensity can be controlled, and disappears down once the dialogue begins. Even something as simple as boots on gravel can interfere our understanding of the dialogue if it is recorded too loudly.

Foley is done using foley artists, it is done not digitally but physically. in a studio with a variety of materials. There is a screen in the studio, so while they watch the recorded scene, they have to make the appropriate sound for the right action so that it sounds like the sound it would make in the movie itself.  Their timings have to be perfect in order for the sound and action to synchronise with each other.

Foley comes from the name Jack Foley confirmed the basic modern techniques of these sound effects which are still used today.

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Irish America,No Date

Example of Foley Sound ( Primary Research )

Lone Survivor Both Falling Scene – AMD VJ, 2014

In this scene, there is a lot Foley sound effect used for the bone crunching noises and the sound of grass being scraped off the floor. To do bone crunching sound, you use dry pasta shells and a pair of sturdy boots for the sound. In the Foley Studio, because there are many sound effects that is being heard in the scene, the foley artists has to make sure that they do the sound right on time. When the soldiers hit the tree, the sound effect has to match  perfectly otherwise it will not work.Wood would have to be used to recreate the sound.Maybe by hitting wood together or smashing it on the floor to recreate this sound

Examples of Foley sound effects (Secondary research )

 Charlie and the Chocolate factory ( 2005)

 IMDB, No Date

As a primary research, I watched the scene where Augustus Gloop gets so hungry and he jumps in the chocolate river, but drowns. And in this scene, there is a use of foley sound effect when he jumps. In Charlie and the Chocolate factory, to make the sound of a jump into the chocolate river, he actually had to jump in a swimming pool with a sack of Nutrient Agar powder to make sure the chocolate river sounded thick enough.

Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire (2005)

I.Jeded, No Date

Another example where Foley is used is Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire when Harry Potter had to negotiate in the living maze,  Joseph says he went to great lengths to get “the sound of a privet maze and all its nuances – it had to sound alive and dangerous”.

James Bond Quantum of Solace ( 2008 )

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Deviant Art, 2012

The last example in a famous film where Foley is used is James Bond Quantum of Solace. There is a scene where Bond is running on tiles. Joseph hired in some scaffolding and mocked up a Tuscan roof with tiles that he bought on eBay.


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