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In this lesson, we learned about Mise en Scene with the different examples to tell us information about the film. The 5 different examples are Props, Location, Sound, Clothes and Actors

What is Mise en Scene

Mise en Scene is everything you see on the screen including Props, Locations, Sound and Actors. Props will make us identify the genre of the film. They directly tell us what society of the film it is based around and what time period the film is set in. Location will help us understand where and when the film is set. They manipulate the audience by building certain expectations. Body language can tell us how a person is feeling. Mise en Scene provides information in front of the camera, communicating crucial information to the audience.

It reinforces the idea that films are constructed, that nothing happens by chance. Everything the audience sees has been place carefully, at a specific position so that the audience can be drawn into the storyline of the scene.

Elements of Mise en Scene


  • Accessory
  • Guns
  • Cars
  • Documents
  • Money
  • pets
  • Phone
  • Furniture
  • Art


  • Houses
  • Flats/Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Town
  • Country
  • Seaside
  • Urban


  • Spoken Words
  • Music – Diegetic or non-diegetic
  • Foley
  • Ambient Sound


  • Can tell us what decade it could be set in
  • If they are high fashion


  • Body language

Examples of Mise en Scene in Movies

There are 2 scenes which I will analyse, one of them will be a trailer, the other one will be a part of the film, they will both be from a different perspective.

World War Z ( 2013 )

World War Z – Official trailer, (JoBlo Movie Trailers, 2012)

This trailer is for the film World War Z. The first thing we can see in the trailer, is Philadelphia, with modern cars and buildings.


We see taxis and cars, some older fashioned. There is an ambient sound, which comes from the cars beeping as there is traffic. This is when the audience would wonder, why there is traffic. Then it shifts onto one particular car where there is a family, these are the main characters of the movie and they seem to enjoy themselves. Then in the first 25 seconds, suspense is increasing as one of the side mirrors are destroyed and we can clearly see helicopters flying around. Most of the props used is guns and there are a few transports being used, this could be used for escaping or driving somewhere, but in this situation, it is used to escape. Phone is also used in this trailer, to call urgently where to keep safe and what is happening.


This tells us that it is set in the modern times at around 2010-2020, so it is not futuristic.  As the trailer moves on, we are still seeing this kind of urban place, it usually happens in big cities, or bases. And because there are different places in the trailer, it could show us that it is happening around the world.


In the sound part, the way Gerry ( Brad Pitt ) speaks in the beginning and the way he speaks a wave of people started running, could show that is afraid of something. He seems worried about what is happening in front of him, although he is trying to stay calm. The background music of this trailer makes it come to life. It really suits the trailer, to make it captivating and frightening. In the beginning, there is a use of Foley where the side mirror is broken by the policeman. This was probably used by glass breaking. The ambient sound was mostly the beeping noises of cars while getting stuck in traffic.


There is a variety of body language in this trailer. The actors are all running away, or they trying to stay calm by not moving their limbs too much. Most of the body language was people running away moving their arms all about, because they were deeply frightened by what is happening

The second one I choose is from Star wars the Force Awakens which was made in 2015. This scene is where the First Order invades Maz Kanata’s castle and the Resistance helping.


The props used in this scenes are guns ( blasters ) used by stormtroopers and also used by Rey. Another prop is a light saber when Finn fights one of the stormtrooper and by Kylo Ren in the last 2 minutes of the film. There are no cars being used, but there are X-wings which can fly. No cars are being used in this film.


In this scene, the location is a ruin next to the temple being attacked by the First Order. It does not look as modern as it we would have thought because it is a really ancient temple. The second location in this scene is a jungle, which is situated next to the temple


The background suits the scene very well, when the Resistance arrives for example, the music is catchy and it feels as if help was coming, so the music would have to be entertaining. In the last 2 minutes when Rey shoots at Kylo Ren, the music seems to be desperate to escape but she can’t because she is facing a Sith.There is the use of SFX for the light sabers and blasters as they do not exist in real life.


There is a variety of clothes being used. Rey, Finn  and Han Solo seems to be wearing casual clothes, apart from Rey who is a scavenger, who had to  wear clothes from a town in Jakku where was poor. Finn and Han Solo wears clothes which seems like day to day clothes which everyone would wear.


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