Within this lesson, we learned about how to become a sound engineer and Foley engineer, and we also had to know the difference between them.

How to become a sound engineer

To become a sound engineer, you need to have work experience to build skills and knowledge base. If you don’t do any experience, you will not have the right skills when you are becoming a sound engineer. Also to become a sound engineer, you need to have an internship or apprenticeship after your work experience. University is a vital part for become this engineer so that you can make connections with other people. You will be able to have experience as your sound skills would have improved and you will then have the skills and the knowledge for it. If you want to be a freelancer, you would have to work for yourself. You can become a sound assistant which helps the people with the sound .You could even become a sound engineer designer or even a sound mixer which adjusts the sound to make it lower or higher. Later you could even be a Foley engineer or designer depending on your knowledge about sound itself.

 Famous Sound Engineer

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Editors Guild, No date

The sound designer I have chosen is Ben Burtt. He was born on July 12, 1948 in Jamesville, New York, USA. He was the one who created the sound effect for the ET movie. He also designed many of the sound effects for Star Wars and he did the voice for R2-D2. Before he became a sound engineer he started making short films on his family’s camera when he was just ten years old. Later, he studied film production at the University of Southern California. He received an Academy Award in 1989 for his sound effects editing work on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

University Courses

We were also told to find 2 different University Courses which has to do with sound. I had to look on the UCAS website to find out more about the courses. Within the course search, I typed Sound Engineer to search for courses which they would offer in the whole of the UK which has to be linked to Sound.

Anglia Ruskin University


GBlabs, 2016

This is the first University which I thought was interesting. In this University, they only have single subjects. They do Creative Music Technology which will enable them to be created while learning about the technology of music and sound. Their qualifications BA ( Hons) The duration of the course takes 3 years and students will be on a full-time education

Glasgow Caledonian University

GCU_chosen id

 Image by Scottish Graduate, 2012

This  is the second University I have chosen where their courses are Audio System Engineering and Audio Technology. They have 2 qualifications but they are both the same. Both of them are BSc ( Hons ). They might have the same qualification, but not the same number of years to study the courses. The Audio System Engineering course takes 4 years and the audio technology course takes 2 years. Both courses have a full-time education.


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