This week, the topic has been on Sound. We learned many things from polar patterns to the microphones. We also learned about the Foley  sound effects and how it can be used in movies. Because it is about Sound this week, we had to know how to become a sound/ Foley engineer.

On the first practical lesson of this week,we had to record the ambient sound. We used a microphone to record the sounds with a polar pattern that can be adjusted. We had to record ambient sound in 4 different locations, 2 interior locations and 2 exterior location. The first location we chose was the hall near the film,studio, we used Mono polar pattern and 150 degrees polar pattern. Once we recorded both of them we did the same thing for the other locations.The other places we recorded was the Library, the front of the college and outside the drama hall. Once I listened to the audio, most of the sound that I wanted to hear were  in the audio, there were some interference with pen droppings and other rattling noises which was clearly not meant to be in the audio. I have learnt that depending n where the microphone is recorded and the polar pattern used, the amount of sound picked up can be very different and it has to be positioned correctly so that there is less chance of background noises being picked up.

In the theory side, we learned about Foley sound effects. Foley sound effects is reproducing everyday sound in films,series etc… The sound reproduction can be used with a huge variety of materials to make sure that the sound that it should make in the film matches it. So for the practical we had to reproduce some sounds using any materials from the college. The sounds we had to recreate were footsteps,horse hooves, rain, human voice, space, running water and the sound of our choice. We were able to record the sound of space,footsteps, horses hooves and human voice, but we struggled with rain, as the sound of tap water sounded like tap water. I have learnt that it is possible to make the correct sound of space, or footsteps or many other sounds using the correct materials. I could develop that skill by making more sound effects so that I get used to it when it comes to my final major project

In the last theory work, we learned about how to become a sound engineer. We’ve learnt that Sound engineer and foley engineer are 2 completely different things. In Foley engineering, there are specialists for it. Becoming a sound engineer is not that easy because you need to have hours and hours of experience. By having experience, you will build up those skills and you will also build your knowledge. Once you have work experience,you could working internships,apprenticeships or even be a freelancer,to become a sound assistant, sound designer, a sound mixer which adjusts the sound to make it louder or lower. The most crucial path to be a sound engineer or designer is to go to University where you will make connections with other people and you will be able to have experience. University is very important to develop the skills you need for example to become a sound engineer or Foley engineer.