Marwan Boudanga – Film & TV

Film & TV course Level 3

Week 1-4: Formative Feedback

One thought on “Week 1-4: Formative Feedback

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  1. Jenni B – marking weeks 1-4, Units 2,3,4
    This is really good work Marwan. You have obviously worked very hard on all the tasks presented, and you have clearly listened to the feedback given over the past four weeks, and applied that feedback to improving the subsequent weeks posts, well done. Always ask if unsure, which you have done, which is good, and allows you to produce your work with confidence. The best approach to ensuring a good final grade is carry on doing what you have been doing – taking good notes in class, keeping on top of the deadlines to ensure that your work is submitted on time and therefore able to be marked and then using the feedback to best benefits. Make sure that you illustrate all points made with examples from current or past media productions, this is the best way to ensure that you are clearly demonstrating to me that you understand the subject and what you are trying to explain. The formative grade for this work is a good pass


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