In this lesson, we learned about production research. This means every element of the production. Before you make a film, you need to know everything you need before you start filming. This goes from planning by doing scripts and story boards, to finding out locations. By doing this, it will save you a lot of time as well as money. Another important thing is the crew. You need to see which actors you want, the lighting needed for each scenes, the lighting, which costumes to wear and many more. All of this needs to be prepared in advance so that the filming itself is easier when everything is set up. This is called reverse engineering. Breaking parts of a scene to see what is needed to produce it when on set.

The example which we did in class was Season 1 Episode 1. We looked at the first 3 minutes of the film. While we watched it, we had to think about the locations used, the costumes they were wearing, the props used, the actors in the scene, if there are any extras. The health and Safety checks, are there any stunts in that scene. In the part that we watched, the locations were urban street, a council estate, and office block. The props were police cars which were shown at the beginning of the episode, the interview office, the CCTV which is used by props artist, the notebooks and an internal office. The costumes were police uniforms and suits. There were some stunts as there was a fight scene, so there would have to be a fight expert. There are extra actors. The subject research is the police building. There was a use of Foley sound which was the dog barking.

The film I have chosen is Terminator 2 Judgement Day. The film was made in 1991. The scene is happening in the middle of the movie where a policeman who is in fact a Terminator is chasing after John Connor is the kid. Then unexpectedly, another Terminator arrives thinking that he will kill John Connor but will in fact save him.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)

Production Research


  • Shopping Mall – Sherman Oaks Galleria ( Same Location throughout the scene)


  • Identity Photo
  • Guns – Winchester 1887 and Beretta 92FS
  • Police Badge
  • Video Game screen ( Prop Artist )
  • Backpack
  • Flowers
  • Silver Mannequins
  • Timex Watch
  • Sun Glasses


  • Police costume
  • Leather Jacket
  • Public Enemy shirt
  • Reebok Trainers
  • Ripped Hole Jeans
  • Leather Motorcycle Trousers


  • Extra actors

      CGI Use

  • Morphing
  • Industry CGI was used

            Lighting techniques

  • Low key Lighting


In this scene, the location of the whole scene is in the Sherman Oak Galleria, which is a shopping mall and business centre in Los Angeles. The corridor scene after that is also part of the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The gaming area is part of this shopping mall. So the locations within the mall is all linked into one scene.


Google Maps, No Date


Wikipedia, No Date


Sherman Oaks Galleria, No date

I have chosen these 2 websites firstly because these would be the 2 good place to find the location. Wikipedia would be good to find more information about it. Google Maps is the best place to find the exact location after searching on other websites to see the surrounding of the building where you want to film it. They would have to make sure that it is accessible when they film. Shops will have to be open, the areas where they need to film will need to be open as well. Once the location has been found, the good thing is to look at their official website for more information about the specific location needed for filming. There are contact details for each shops, making it easier to ask if it is possible to use this particular shop when this scene was filmed.


The props used are a photo of John Connor so to make it they would take an actual photo of the actor who plays John Connor to use it as an identity photo.  The other prop are guns. One of them is a Winchester 1887 the other one used by the cop is a Beretta 92FS. The other smaller props used are the police badges, the video game screen, John Connor’s backpack, the red flowers after Arnold takes his gun out of the gift wrap, the silver mannequin at the end of the scene, the Timex watch of John Connor and the sun glasses from Arnold.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Gun Broker, No Date


Gun Broker, No date


Ebay, No date


My bag, No date


Dobies, No date


Ali Baba, No date

timex watch.jpg

Amazon, No date

Sun glasses.JPG

Luxury Vintage Sunglasses, No date

Sun glasses 2.JPG

Amazon, No date

 I have chosen Gun Broker as my chosen website because they have a range of guns which are available for a good price. Of course they will not have real bullets, but the gun itself will be real so that during the scene, it looks realistic.

For the video game screen, it would be done by prop artists. In search of a website for police badges, I thought of choosing this one because it has a wide variety of them, and some of them are close to the one Robert Patrick has.

I have chosen because this could be have been the website where it was bought. John Connor needs a blue bag, so this website could be a good one.

For flowers, I thought of Dobies because the ones that Arnold has when he takes the shotgun out of the gift wrap looks similar and could be an efficient website to look for the right flowers. The silver mannequins that you see at the end of the scene are there for a reason. So I had to choose a website where they sell silver mannequins and I thought of Ali Baba as a good website. The silver mannequins that I found on this website looks similar to the one in the scene and at a good price.

The website I found in search of John Connor’s watch was Amazon. For those type of watches, Amazon is the best website to find them because there are hundreds of them.

Luxury Vintage Sunglasses is a good website which I have found for the sunglasses. The ones that Arnold worn do not exist anymore, so finding a website to where they would have bought them was quite difficult, but I did find replicas of them. There is no price being indicated on there, so it could have expired a few years ago, so they did have those glasses before but now they ran out. Or they were for free.

On Amazon again, I have found the right versions of his glasses. They look very identical to the ones Arnold is wearing in the scene. I think this is where it could have been bought and the price is pretty low for them.


The costumes used in this scene are casual clothes, jacket, top shirt and trousers and glasses. The other one is a full American police uniform.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)

Leather trousers 2.JPG

Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


Chief Supply, No Date


Fox Creek Leather, No Date


Public Enemy, No date


We Hustle, No Date


Amazon, No Date


Amazon, No Date


Sports Bike Shop, No Date

I have chosen Chief Supply as my chosen website in search of police uniforms because some of the police shirts which I found looked like the one Robert Patrick was wearing during this scene, so this could have been a website where it could have been from. I have found a specific one which looks identical. It has 2 front pockets and buttons and at a relatively low price.

I have chosen Fox Creek Leather as a website for leather jackets because some look similar to the one the Terminator is wearing. Although the price is expensive, it is a good price as it is the only jacket he is wearing for the whole movie.

Because John Connor uses a Public Enemy t-shirt, the only website where I could think they would buy it is from their official website.

I also chose another website where you would buy the Public Enemy t-shirt for a much lower price as it is not bought from the official website.

The last 2 websites are Amazon, because it is easier to find clothes or shoes in link to what they need and not to complicated to find.The shoes and the trousers themselves are very identical to the ones in the scene. The price is not too low and not too high. These Reebok trainers, are the only ones that John Connor wears not only throughout the scene, but also the full movie.

For the leather trousers, it also had to be linked to bike shops. So when I went to this shop, I managed to find one that was close to Arnold’s trousers.


In this particular scene, the extras are the actors. These were the people who are just normal people walking the shops, acting like background actors. When the scene is being filmed, they had to act naturally making sure they do as they are told, to do what they would normally do in a shopping mall. This website would not only be for extra actors,but most importantly for the main actors of the movie. They would need to go to this website to do auditions so that those who are part of the Star Now website can then choose who is the best actor for the whole movie.


Star Now, No Date

I chose this website for Extra actors because they have acting jobs which is what loads of people who are in the scene I chose would need to go to in order to be selected as a background actor.


CGI is commonly used in this film. Robert Patrick’s Terminator could have not been used without computer effects such as warping and morphing. Morphing is when you take 2 or a series of them and you find similarities between the pixels or dots of one picture and pixels of the other. When morphing between human forms, the eyes, nose and ears are used as reference points. Structures which we recognise are often changed from one image to another over time while other parts of the image are blurred or their colour palettes are reduced over time so that the colors of one image or one dot can come to be the same as those of another.

Warping is also another effect, but is not used in this particular scene. This is where you take an image or series of images and you change them in some ways to the effect you want. For example, you can digitally take a sad face and stretch, squeeze or move the pixels or dots of the image of series of images. This is how it is used in some of T-1000’s scenes where his whole body is distorted. In this scene, his chest is distorted as we can see silver holes. This is done by warping


Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Galleria Fight Scene, Ex Hitman, (2016)


ILM, No Date

ILM stands for Industrial Light and Magic, this is the place where the effects as seen in this scene are used.

Lighting Techniques

The lighting used in Terminator 2 is low-key lighting. In the majority of the film,  the scenes either take place at night or in dark rooms with use of minimal lighting. They also use shadows a lot to give a bigger impact of dangers coming towards you.  Low-key lighting plays a key part in setting the theme of Terminator because there are many violent and action scenes in the movie, and with the lighting, the audiences gets a better feel of the seriousness of the scenes. If the lighting was high-key or natural with the bright sun, the movie would look very unrealistic. In this scene, low-key lighting is used, even though it is not as dark to create a sense of danger and suspense.


ILM, No date

This is also the website because the people who work in Industrial Light and Magic are professionals in lighting and special effects. So when doing the lighting, they will know how to do it in this scene.

Primary research

For the primary research, especially location wise, you would have to go there for real to get a feel of what the chosen location feels like and see if it possible to film. Because this is a shopping mall and business centers, there are loads of people during the days where they do their shopping. So they would have to make sure that the crew do not film while people are shopping unless those people could be used as background actors for this particular scene. The other important part of the primary research are the props. Researching them is a good thing, but you also have to see them in real life to see if they are suitable for the scene or not. For example, if you bought the silver mannequin, you would have to see if the one you have planed at the beginning, looks exactly as you want it. If this is the wrong one, then you will still be able to sell it again, unless you hire it which in this case, is much easier. The costume could also be the same thing. You could hire it for a day to see if it suits you. This is also a thing you need to try so that during the filming there are no problems with the sizes and that it looks exactly like how it was planned.


The price of each props and costumes varies from low to high and depending on how long you use it for. I was not able to find any prices for the locationsand for the ILM because these are places which means that you don’t pay directly. This is also the same for the actors, I could not find a price because this is a general ebsite where you choose to audition or do extra jobs.

  • CAI 12 ga 1887 Winchester PW87 SG1667N = $339.00
  • Beretta 92FS Semi Auto 9mm 4.9″ 15rd NIB JS92F300M = $569.99
  • Mi-Pac Classic Backpack – Royal Blue = $14.89

The currency was in Pound and I could notchange the currency on the website so I converted the money from Pounds to Dollars.

  • Los Angeles Police Lieutenant Shield Badge ( Inv 8520 ) = $43,98
  • Rose Plant – Carris = $11.16
  • Fashion Chrome Silver Mannequins = $140
  • Timex T18581 Analog Quartz Movement Camper Black Watch = $24.00
  • G&G MIB Mens Black Sunglasses Dark Shades = $10.48
  • Proper Lightweight Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt = $39.00
  • Men’s Drifter Leather Motorcycle Jacket = $368.90
  • Public Enemy T-Shirt = $17.37
  • Reebok Men’s Royal BB 4500 Hi Basketball Shoe = 49,49

The price varied between 34.99 and 63.99, so I wrote what it would cost in between to an approximate number

  • Easy Men Destroyed Ripper Hole Casual Washed Denim Jeans Wornout Jeans = $37, 24
  • Spada Road Leather Trousers = $198.26

    Total Budget of the props and costumes

The total budget of the props and the costumes added together is $1862.86. It could have been higher, but if quality props and costumes are needed, this price is fair from my point of view.




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