This week, the main topic has been editing. The software we used was Avid,which was a little more complicated than Premiere Pro or other editing software we used. More of it will be said below. On the theory side, we learnt about Production Research which is researching the things you need before filming. You need to do planning, you need to know the location, the crew members, how certain things will be done.

On the first practical lesson of the first week after our half-term, we learned how to use Avid for the first time.Because it was more complicated than other editing softwares, we went step by step on how to set up the project. When we first create our project,we had to choose the format, but not any of them.There were 2 types that we could have chosen,PAL or NTSC, both have different frame rates and resolution. The resolution in this case depends on the number of lines. The bigger the number of lines, the better the resolution, the frame rate we chose was 25 which is not too high and not too low. The format we then chose was 25p PAL with an aspect ration of 16:9 for wider screens like the computers we use at college. Our project was to create a small video experimenting the different buttons and shortcut to get a feel of what it feels to edit on Avid.The shortcuts using the letters of the keyboards made it easier to crop bits of the video or to paste the selected bit to put it on the timeline and many other shortcuts. I learned how to use the effect, but I struggled when it came to other effects which I did find but did not know how to make them work. The last thing we had to learn was how to export the finished product. Overall, I think I was quite pleased with the end result of my video, it synchronised quite well with the music, but there are more things I would like to learn about Avid, for example using the more complex effects. This is only the beginning,so I know I can improve on what I already know, and hopefully I will be able to make better videos like the Hallo Project at the end of this year, and prove that I am capable of using it.

On the theory side of things, we learnt about Production Research.This means all the things needed before you start filming on set. The crucial parts of the Production Research is planning. Without any planning,there is no structure whatsoever onto where the actors need to stand, where the camera needs to be and many more. There many things that needs to be considered in order to save time and money. As our work, we had to find a scene and write things that would be needed to create that scene. The example which we did in class was with Life on Mars. We had to say the locations , the props they use, what type of costume they are wearing, are there any health and safety, if any extra actors are needed and many more. This is called reverse engineer, when you break the scene into small parts picking out things that you see. So for our example as the planning part of this week, we had to write a list of the things we want to research,then we have to find websites where we could find,  having a picture of the website and say why we chose that website.It was quite an entertaining but fun research because we get to search a scene that we like very much. The topic itself about Production Research I clearly understood it, but when it came to the work, I did struggle with it from time to time. But at the end I got the hang of it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable first week, the editing was a good lesson and important for myself as i want to make more videos in the future.I have to be better and more confident at using it so that I am ready for when it comes to the Hallo Project in the next few weeks. The Production Research topic was also interesting. It is very to know all the things needed to make a film or a scene. I learnt that planning was the crucial part. Without it, there is no structure in what to do. Storyboards are very important in the planning, to get a view on what it is needed for a scene. Most importantly, it saves a lot more time, so that you do not need to rush it. I’ve learnt a lot of things I did not know before and it will help me in what I am doing at college and the future.

Peer Feedback


‘These are both really good blogs. Firstly on your production research, I really like how you have wrote out your list as it’s easily categorised which is easy to see what will be researched. You have obviously researched a lot and I like how you have screenshotted the actual video to reference from. I also like how you have broken down how much every prop you have researched cost to work out a budget. However, your blog can be quite confusing at time, listing everything in that category at the top and then not actually putting the references photos next to the products you have found. On your introduction to editing, your title is firstly inconsistent to the rest of your blogs as it doesn’t state the week number. I found your guide to avid very useful and I like how you went into detail about to how to export the video well. Overall two very good blogs!’ (11th of November 2016)