Research plan

Things I will find out

  • Editing Softwares ( iMovie + example, Premiere Pro and VideoPad Video Editing)
  • How they work, if they good etc…
  • Famous editor



What is editing?

Editing is when you work with the director. This involves adding, removing and rearranging scenes to create a story.

Editing Software



 Samuel James Scott, 2013

iMovie is a product of Apple which was released in 1999. It is a basic video editing software which is aimed for amateur users.


One of the strength of iMovie is the video import software. It will detect any digital camcorders, digital cameras and analog-to-digital on the computer’s USB or FireDrive. iIMovie will then allow to review the videos from the source and import it to your Mac’s Drive.


Compared to other editing softwares, it is easier to use. It employs a simple editing interface. Clips can be dragged to the timeline where they can be cut, combined or edited with effects.

Transitions and Effects

As the time goes on, the variety of effects available in iMovie will increase. The simplest and most common effects are fade in, fade out and cross fade. There are film effects like sepia tone and black and white. There are also action effects such as lighting and earthquake.

Photo and Audio

In iMovie, it is very easy to add pictures and videos from the collection to enhance the your movie.iMovie also allows to cut and edit music with audio fade effects. The photo integration also has the feature ‘Ken Burn Effect’ which is a slow zoom on a  still supply

Titles/ Text effect

iMovie like many other editing softwares lets you add texts to your film. It can be added on the video or on a black screen. There are many text effects that can added as well. There is a range of them from  music video style to scrolling videos. Some text are more artful than others like falling letters or spinning text.


iMovie has a range of options to export your film when it is finished and saved. Your finalised film can be exported as a simple Quicktime video files of various sizes. Completed films can also be exported to iDVD so that it can be integrated into DVD projects.

Remembrance of the Victims of the Paris Attacks and to thank the GIGN and Raid for their courage, LeFrenchBlog, (2015)

This video was made by me using Imovie. As you can see I have used the fading effect quite lot. I also used the text on the black screen to tell a story and on the video clips itself to show the place and the date. As it is a basic editing software, it was easy to place the video clips to where I wanted them to be or adding writing onto it. As a final product, I was pleased with it.

Premiere Pro


 Kesakalaonu, 2013

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software for both amateurs and professionals.

How does it work?

Like most editing software, Premiere Pro works by importing video from a source such as video tape onto your hard drive.

How good is Premiere?

It is a powerful tool which is capable of producing high quality videos.It is very popular among people who like making videos and professionals. Premiere has a nice clean surface which is easy to use for people of all skill levels.

What can it do?

  • It can import videos, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats
  • It can edit , manipulate and arrange these elements in a visual timeline
  • It can add effects, filters,titles etc…
  • It can export your videos in a variety of format including video tape recordings, DV, DVD and common internet format

VideoPad Video Editor


IST Media Store, No date

VideoPad Video Editor is an editing software which was developed by NCH Software. It uses screens, the first which is a review of your chosen video and audio. The second screen is to review the entire track.

 The things it can do

You can:

  • You can choose a wide variety of video clip transition
  • You can change the duration of your chosen transition
  • Import and mix music tracks like a professional
  • Make your own custom movie soundtrack using Mixpad mult-track mixing software
  • Record your own narration with the click of a button
  • To save it, you can burn it on the DVD and watch it on the TV
  • You can export your videos in multiple resolutions including full HD, 2K and 4K,(720p, 1080p,1440p, 2160p) and more.

Famous Editor


Skweres Ann Mary,2012

The famous editor I have chosen is Michael Kahn.He was born on the 8th of December,1935 in New York. He is an American film editor who is known for doing Saving Private Ryan (1998), Schindler’s List (1993) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Most of the time he did editing, he usually edit films which were directed by Steven Spielberg. The softwares he uses are Moviola for most of Spielberg’s films and Avid. He edited most of Steven Spielberg’s film.

In 2013, he won 3 Oscars which were for editing Steven Spielberg’s movies and of his 5 nominations he received,there was only 1 where he did not edit Steven Spielberg’s. Instead, he edited a film, directed Adrian Lyne which was called Fatal Attraction (1987).

His personal quotes are:

  • “Scenes play best with 3 reaction shots – no more,no less”
  • “Keep Fresh by walking away from your edit; you’ll come back the next day and see a different scene”
  • “Always overlap/duplicate 2-3 frames on match cuts because of eye sensory lag
  • “Don’t edit from knowledge – edit from feeling”



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