In this lesson, we learnt about working practices. These are the different ways of getting work from a freelancer, to becoming self-employed and being employed. The other thing we had to is to create a career timeline from my age right now to when I am 30 years old. For each of them, they have pro’s and con’s which you will see below.



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A freelancer is the most common form of employment in the working world before doing exactly what you want. As a freelancer, you work for other people or companies. Because of that, you get told what you need to do. These are small tasks which needs to be done in order to get people to respect you and get paid.

The positive things of being a freelancer are

  • It is flexible – they can work for whoever they want and they can say no for a job if they want to.
  • Varied – When you work as a freelancer,you get hired for a unique purpose
  • You build your own reputation, so people know what you are like and people get to respect you.
  • You develop skills – by developing skills, this mean that you will get better at working as a team
  • Network – you get to communicate with those that are working
  • There is no joining requirements – this means that if you have your own camera or your own lighting equipments or other, it will be easier for you

On the other side, there are negative points to being a freelancer. It can be quite stressful to be a freelancer:

  • There is inconsistent employment, you can spend months of doing something but it is worth nothing
  • You have the risk of turning down good jobs
  • You don’t have much experience, especially if you just came out of school. One of the reasons is that experience proves to both you and the client,that you are able to finish a project.If you have only done personal projects, there is no indication whatsoever that you will able to finish a project when working as a freelancer.

Self Employed


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When you are self-employed, it is your business so you are the one who creates the mediproduction. You also have to pay your own taxes. As you create your own company, you also need to find the client for your product.

The positive sides to being self-employed are:

  • You work on the things you love – so you will have more passion for what you do, which could make it easier for you to produce the things to you want and making it popular if possible.
  • You create possibilities – meaning that you have a better chance at doing something new later.
  • It is easy to start – once you start your company, it will not struggle as much with it.
  • You work on the project you choose – so it is more flexible and easier for you to be creative

Negative side:

  • Money – you get irregular incomes, so sometimes you get high or low wages but as a starter, you need the money to create your company, without it, you will find it difficult to start your company.
  • You might enjoy your time off work instead of carning. Although the downside is that you might let your customers down if you do not work. Because of that, you may work far more hours than you did as an employee.



Being employed means that you are employed by a company, so you will have more successful companies. You get to work on in-house projects like Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor. Although, because you work on in-house projects, you have short term contracts, this means that you get employed for a short amount of time and then you get unemployed after. You also get project contracts, this is where you do a project then you are done.

The only positive side to it is security, especially when you have a family. The negative side to it is the lack of variety. So you do not do anything that is creative, which can be quite boring sometimes.

Career timeline

For this task, we had to make a timeline of what we would like to achieve by 30 years old. At this moment, I will be staying at Canterbury College to study Film And TV. After completing this, I am thinking of going to the University of Bournemouth to continue developing my skills on editing. This could be the course I might do so that I can improve on my editing skills using the Avid editing software or other. Once that is done, to get money I might do a part-time job, once I have collected enough money, I would choose between being a freelancer or to start a company with friends so that I can more creative in to what I want to do because editing is part of the creation in film industries. If I get a good reputation or that my videos with the people I am working with gets noticed, I might start creating more videos from then until someone accepts me to become their editor for a major film. If it works before or until I am 30, that would be great, if it doesn’t, there could be a chance of me making more videos, showing them to other people and film festivals so that I get noticed by many people, to have more of a chance of being an editor then and to show them that I can do it.


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