This week was the last proper week of lessons with regular blog posts to do as for the next 3 weeks we are focusing on our Hallo Project. This week however,was more of a theory week than a pratical one. We carried on with slightly,to make sure we wrote everything that was necessary on the beginners guide for Avid. Otherwise,the 2 new things we learnt about was representation and working practices.

On our first theory lesson of this week, we learned about representation.In media, this is where the media portays particular groups,communities,ideas and others from a value perspective.From this,we have learnt that there are different typesof people who are being represented. The 3 types of Stereotypes, Archetypes and Countertypes.Stereotypes are the simplified version of a person, appearance or belief. These are commonly public beliefs about a specific type of individuals.The media would use stereotypes so that they are recognisable by the public. Archetypes are a very specific example of a certain group. These tend to be negative. Countertype is the opposite of they.They challenge archetypes and stereotypes to show that they are not what the people criticising you, think.I thought it was very interesting to learn about that because in media,it is important about what wesay in the media industry about different types of people,we have to watch our language. Archetypes and Countertypes are words that I never heard of and thought that it was very important to learn about it.

The other theory lesson we did was this time about working practices.These are the different ways of where to get a job before you want to do your ideal job. The first one we learned being a freelancer. A freelancer is when you work for other people and you get told what to do. The positive side to it is that it is flexible.You can say or no for a job if you want, you develop skills and many more,but on the other hand, it can be stressful and you could be struggling as you have no work experience.The next one we learned about was self-employment,which is where you pay your own taxes, you create your own company.This has a more positive side to it because you can be as creative as you want.Although you get irregular incomes in terms money,you first of all need the money to start your company and if you don’t, you will not be able to even start it.The last one is being employed. This is where someone employs you to do a job. This can be in X factor or Strictly or other TV shows. The only positive thing about is security to keep the family safe. The downside to it is that you get employed for a certain number of months,then you get unemployed which means you could be struggling to find a new job.

Overall it was quite a good week,I have learnt many other things about representation and the differrent ways of getting employed. Because I have learnt about it, I can think in the future about how I can work. These kind of information are very helpful, not just for the media world,but for every day people.I think it was very important and it will benefit me in the future about the choice I want to make

Peer Feedback


For your research blog you went into great detail of the editing software iMovie. You included its history and difficulty of the software. I liked the detail you used when describing the features of the software. I liked how you showed what iMovie is capable of producing with the video that you stated was produced yourself. I found your information on Premier Pro was displayed efficiently and the titles made sure that I was able to find what I was looking for simply by scrolling through. The way in which you listed the possibilities of the software was solid and straight to the point. The thing you need to improve on is the spelling and grammar, some of the words are stuck together and some punctuation is missing.

The introduction on your Representation blog was very informative and had good, relatable examples. The bullet points are accurate and didn’t need explanations. The detail that you went into when explaining Stereotype, Archetype and Countertype was very visible and I could tell that you done a great deal of research before typing it up, good effort. The examples of the Stereotype, Archetype and Countertype are true to themselves and have good examples. The only problem I found was that you didn’t strictly follow the task as we were asked to find a Stereotype and Countertype from 2 British TV shows.

Your blog in Working Practises was good and accurate. I noticed that you used information that we learnt in the lesson. This is good as it shows that you are able to learn and allocate information. The required information is there and you have a great number of positives and negatives for Freelance, Self-Employed and Employed. Your career timeline is informative and understandable. While reading it I could picture it as an actual timeline and how it would work. I like how you included options for if something didn’t work out. Although I think that you misinterpreted it a little bit as its meant to be our ‘ideal’ timelines so you wouldn’t make any mistakes everything should follow through with near to no failures.(Kyle – 20/11/2016)