For my Hallo project, we have been asked to produce a video in which the only word is:

helloBookish, No date

 Within this lesson, we have learnt that there were a variety of communications. In this case, with the Hallo project, I chose video because it gives me more creativity into what I am doing. I can also show the skills which I have learnt during this term which is benefitial. I think it is a very good way of communication because I can use low lighting, Foley sounds, different camera angles to communicate to others about what I want to show.There are other options as well such as radio, but because this means that we can only record something, it would not tell much about the emotion of others and for the Hallo Project, we mostly need the visuals and not the sound.

I only had one idea, but hopefully an idea that is solid enough for what I want to make. Mine is action-wise but does not involve any action at all. Suspense will be building up throughout the video as the girl gets lost and gets more scared as the Terminator (Me) or the T-Y in abbreviations approaches. I want to use a music that will enhance the video and build tension as well.


Research Plan

My idea

For my idea, I thought of something which might be a bit long, but with planning, I will be able to create a successful video out of it.

Basically, my video will first start with texts, as an introduction, showing what happened before my video started. This could go well with my background soundtrack. After the first 30-40 seconds, we have an opening shot of me.This shot would be the camera moving on the right side of me, framing half of my body from to bottom to introduce my character. From then, it will focus on the girl who is Lydia acting it.She will be introduced in a very quick way as she seems to be worried. Then the Terminator ( which is me) starts pursuing her in the main corridor of the college. So I thought of different shot types that I could include in this passage. Towards the end, when the scene happens in the corridor, there will be low-key lighting. This will give a sense of danger and the suspense itself will build up as well as the music. In this passage, when I walk up the stairs and going to the door where Lydia is trapped, the whole thing should be filmed at once. The camera will film behind me to make it more intense. As the video approaches to its end the camera shot will change and will this time be in front of me in a low angle shot. There will be low-key lighting in the ending scene so that there is a sombre atmosphere. I will be able to control the lighting by turning some of the lights off. As I approach Lydia, there will be a close-up shot of Lydia showing that she is scared and can’t escape. the shot will be behind me again and will move to the right side showing me and saying Hello in an evil-ish way. From that point there will be a blackout with a ‘bing’ noise which I thought would make it a very good ending to the video.



SHOT 1: Camera scrolls from feet to head on right half of body

SHOT 2: Camera Pointed on the right side in front, seeing Lydia walking down the stairs and into the college

SHOT 3: Low angle shot from left side and front looking at left

SHOT 4: Camera on right side of me at a dutch angle while walking towards entrance of college

SHOT 5: Camera films front view of me at low angle shot

SHOT 6: Camera in front of me and Lydia, but mostly focused on Lydia

SHOT 7: Camera at back of me walking behind her

SHOT 8: Back/Side view of Lydia walking

SHOT 9: Low angle shot of me walking in the big corridor

SHOT 10: Close up of Lydia turning around in fear

SHOT 11: High angle shot of Lydia walking up the stairs and camera swirls on the left until she arrives at the top of the stairs.

SHOT 12:Just before arriving at the stairs, camera swirls to the right.

SHOT 13: Low angle shot of me walking the first few steps

SHOT 14:  High Angle shot of me from the top of the stairs

SHOT 15: Camera moves from side near wall to the back of Lydia as she walks towards the door.

SHOT 16: C ontinuous shot of me walking towards the stairs, Medium shot, continuous shot of me from back walking towards the door

SHOT 17: Camera inside corridor while I am opening the door + low angle shot while walking the corridor ( Low Angle Shot)

ShOT 18: Close up of Lydia looking terrified

SHOT 19: Front/ Side slightly low angle shot saying Hello then screen goes black.

For the story board I thought of doing a basic story first of my idea then to go into more detail after. I thought this would help me for my more detailed storyboard later. For the more detailed storyboard, for each scene, I thought of drawing for each shots what I would do so that I know exactly when it comes to filming it. By having a more detailed storyboard, I can say exactly which way I want this shot to be, how the camera will move etc… For me, the writing part was the most important part of the storyboard. I had to make sure that I clearly write what kind of shot I want in what scenes that it suits with what I want to tell the audience.

 Research Plan


The location I want to choose is Canterbury College, cause the project involves indoors in which I could control hopefully some of the lighting to create some effects. I also need corridors as well so the good place was the college. It is modern and clean and with the use of indoor and outdoor lighting I could use it well with my project. Finding another location apart from this would’ve been much harder because I don’t know other places, and I would not think that there would be corridors like the ones at Canterbury College which I could find elsewhere.


Google Maps,2016


There are not many props needed for my project I mostly have everything. The prop that I already have are sunglasses as my character which is based on the real character in the Terminator movie wears them. I want to use sunglasses so people do not see my eyes, to hide other people from seeing me. I don’t need many props because my video only involves me walking through the college. A weapon is not needed in this case not only because I will imply lighting and camera techniques to it but also I was not allowed to have any types of weapon even if it was fake, I could still get into a lot of trouble because the people around could think of it as a real gun and I could get arrested for it, which is why I changed my mind and thought of not having any props and using camera and lighting technique which I have learnt in the term to tell that my character is a threat.


For the costume, I thought of using my own clothes for the production. Because in the Terminator movies, he wears casual clothes, with sunglasses, jacket etc…So I thought of doing the same thing but in  my own style. Based on the Terminator films, the Terminator has to wear clothes to maintain cover and to infiltrate modern society, which is exactly why I had a thought of wearing glasses as well for my project.

Camera techniques

Camera techniques is another important aspect of my production. I want to use different framing within the video from low angle shots to Dutch angle to close-ups etc… Having a dutch angle creates a mysterious effect on the person. Low angle shots are important for me. They create a sense of fear and danger which I thought would be good. The other shot types I would use are Medium Long Shot to see the state of the person. I would also use Medium Close Up shots to focus on the person, especially when it comes to Lydia being frightened of me arriving in the corridor. I will use High Angle Shot twice or 3 times. One of the times is when Lydia is walking up the stairs. She is frightened so I thought of using High Angle Shot because it would suit it. I would also use High angle Shot when the Terminator this time walks the stairs but meaning it differently. I thought of using a camera technique which we did not learn this term and this is trucking. This is when the camera moves left or right and stays on its perpendicular axis, so it is staying straight. I thought of suing that, at the moment where I am approaching the stairs. I thought it was something I wanted to show the others. Something that was not learnt which is a good idea. Because I don’t have a ‘weapon’ for one of my props, I will have to use the camera techniques effectively to tell the audience that I can still create tension without needing any weapons at all. This could make the video a bit better because I will be using different camera techniques to communicate with the audience.

Lighting Techniques

For my project, I will use the natural light from outside and low-key lighting towards the end. I thought of using low-key lighting to add a dark effect and the end and a sense of danger. Because it is inside that I am filming, I can control the light hopefully. So I can have some parts of the corridor where there is light and other parts where there isn’t light. This is the same reason for the camera techniques. I can use lighting to tell the same feeling to audiences as for the camera techniques. The lighting can tell us that there is an upcoming threat towards Lydia without weapons being utilised. In the Terminator movies, especially the first 2, low-key lighting is used a lot to create a sense of confusion, to make people wonder what will happen next. It can give them a feeling of uncertainty, which is hopefully what I will be able to do for my project. If I used high-key lighting, it would be unrealistic, but in this case, because it is not sunny, but cloudy instead, the natural light is not as strong this time

Critical Perspective Report

The perspectives which I am focusing on are the narrative and genre. I want to firstly focus on the narrative because without it, no one will understand. The type of narrative which I  have chosen the linear narrative, for what I am filming, will be the ‘end’ of a film. There is the introduction of what happened before with writing in the first 30 seconds, then is the main video which takes place straight after the chain of events explained in the writing. Because I want to make a video where suspense is built throughout the video, I thought of this narrative so that it will make the people wonder, what will happen once the girl is trapped and that the Terminator finds her. The genre the second one which I am focusing, but is much less important. I thought of making a video that was action but without any special effects and no weapon.

Contextuality Report

There are things which can affect my project in terms of money and timing. As I am only a college student and that I do not do a part-time job, I have access to the college equipment, from cameras, tripods etc… and my own equipment if I do have some. This is how limited I can be on how much money I have. In terms of timing, for my production it is very tight. Because I have friends who are helping me the project and that we are helping each other, we had to create a plan together as when each of us will do the project and how long it takes. For my project, because mine is the longest,we thought of doing mine first, but in between we are doing we will help someone else.

Production Diary


In order to keep track with what I have done, I thought of doing a Production Diary. This shows everything that we have done during filming week.

I worked with another 5 people for their projects as well as mine. We all helped each other for our project to be successful. During the planning week, we planned together for when we should film our project, how we will get to the chosen locations.  We created a shared timetable so that if there was anything that had to be changed, it would be done easily. The rest of the team would know if we are available one day or not.


On Monday, we did my Hallo project. The location was at college as I thought it would be a good place for my production. My friends helped me with the Production for the filming, slating and acting.


We had to arrive at around 8.30pm so that we can get ourselves ready for filming. To make sure that all the equipment is working perfectly. The equipments we had to borrow were the LED lights, the camera, tripod, reflector, a clapboard and a microphone recorder. To make sure that we film when there are not many students, we filmed around 9am. For the morning, me and my friends thought of doing the outside bit first so that it is done quickly as it was pretty cold. It took around 40 minutes to film it as I didn’t have many scenes to do outside. We then went inside the college itself to film. There was a lot of difficulty in filming the main corridor of the college because there were too many students. Because of that, to not waste too much time, I thought of doing the ending scenes first where it happens in the corridor next so that it can be done. The filming for this part went pretty smoothly, it did take a bit of time to get the camera shots right, but overall it went well. it took just over 1 hour to film it. For our break, we went to Wincheap to find props for the other’s production, but were not open, so they had to buy them online. Instead we had lunch, then we all headed back to college.

At 2pm, we carried on filming for my Hallo Project. Because of a location problem for my middle scenes, we chose a quieter place to film in. It was easier to film in as fewer people walked in front of us. We finally did the scenes where I walk up the stairs, these 2 locations took about 1 hour. After filming everything, I checked all the footage to see if there was anything that was needed to be re-done, but I thought that they were all good as  so we were able to leave at around 3.30pm which was a reasonable time to finish filming.


On Tuesday we went to help for Kai’s Hello Project. We met at 8.30 at the Canterbury Bus Station to go to Blean Woods, which was his chosen location. The weather was pretty cold, but we had to get used to it, as we were there for quite some time. Although it was cold, it was sunny, so the lighting effect which Kai wanted to have been perfect for his project. Even if Kai, while we filmed, was freezing cold as he was in a white T-shirt for 1 hour, we successfully filmed everything he needed.

After helping Kai, we went to Dover for Sara’s production, which involved a bunker. before we were off, we went to buy some food, and off we went to the coast.


We had to go by bus to go to Dover, without missing it luckily. We were on schedule when we arrived in Dover, but because there was another we had to take to reach our specific location which was St Margaret’s Bay, we had lunch in the park to relax for a bit. Once we went on the bus to get to Sara’s chosen location, we walked for 15 mins. When we arrived, the location which we used to help Sara, was in a bunker from WW2. When we went inside, it was so dark, that we had to use the lights of our phones to walk in. We managed to film what Sara needed successfully without major problems. When we finished the filming we went back to the bus at 3.30pm, but there was a problem. Our phones told us that we were in France, it added 1 hour to our phone. So in fact, the real time was 2.30pm! We actually finished much earlier than expected.


On Wednesday, I helped the others for 2 projects, Lydia’s and Kyle’s one.But there were some problems with Kyle’s one which will be explained later


In the morning we went to meet at Lydia’s house in Herne Bay so that we could leave from there to go to her location. Her location was Curtis Wood park, which is another wooded area, like for Kai’s location. This day, was much colder than on Tuesday, so it made things a bit more difficult when we filmed because we were not warm enough. Kai was the main actor and was tied in the chair as Lydia wanted that in her production. We had to wait for about 30 minutes before we started filming, as Sara had to put make up on his arms to show the blood and burnt skin, to make it more ‘realistic’. Once that was finished, we were able to start filming. The filming took about 1 hour and a bit more, so it was not too long. We were on time in terms of our schedules.

Before we did Kyle’s production, we went to get food and had lunch for a bit before we went off to Blean Woods again which was for Kyle’s production this time. Although, the only problem was that it was his chosen location. His location was meant to be his house, next to it there was a forest, which would have been the perfect place for him. However, because of inconveniences, Kyle chose to film in Blean Woods instead. The filming did not take long as part of his production was inside and outside as well. When we went to Blean Woods, the weather was not as cold as we did it in the afternoon. Lydia was Kyle’s main actress and I was his second actor even though my face was not in it, only my feet. Although we were not able to film everything that Kyle wanted, it was still successfully done for his first part, he got the shots of everything he wanted without any problems.



On Thursday, we spent the whole day in Ashford to help finish Sara’s production and to help finish Kyle’s as well. Me, Kyle, Lydia and Kai went together to meet at Sara’s house which is where we stayed for the day to finish filming Kyle’s Hallo Project. So we first of all finished Kyle’s project. I was the slater, Lydia was the actress and Kyle was the cameraman. This also went successfully even though he was not able to do his at his house, but this is something that he could write in his evaluation. Although even if it wasn’t his house, he still had narrow paths which helped him, they were suitable for what he wanted. When it came to the inside part, there was a scene where I had to knock onto the door, it took a few minutes as I couldn’t hear what they said. Basically I had to walk in the door, knock it and say Hello, because I was the ‘stalker’ in his production, so the way I had to say hello had to be mysterious in some ways. At the end it did work and we managed to finish his production.

After his, we continued to help Sara. We used a bit of creativity to turn her kitchen into a cafe, which didn’t look like one at all, but it had to look like one. For Lydia who had to stay in that same seat for around 30 minutes, it took some time to get the shots she wanted right, but at the end it was done without a problem. The props she used were, a wig, a dress and jeans. As well as filming her, she also had to film the clock passing by to the right time, this was time consuming but was meant to be part of her production. So we just let the time pass by doing other things while waiting for Sara to stop filming it so that we passed onto another scene. For one of her shots, I had to walk towards the door outside leading to her garden. After 1 hour of filming or a bit less, we went outside to go to the Ashford’s railway station where there was an abandoned building, this was the right location that Sara wanted as it was accessible. Sara wanted Lydia on 2 opposite sides of the frame so that she could use those footage when she edits it. This time, I was not slating, as she did not need to, she was able to do it by herself. She knew exactly what she was doing as she planned it days before the shooting. I think Sara did a really good job as a director, she was focused on what she was meant to do and managed to work independently. Lydia’s commitment to her acting was really good. She also did a good job, it was inspiring to see her doing exactly what she was told to do. After a long day of filming and a few missed buses during the end of the afternoon, we enjoyed our evening with pizzas and Monopoly and stayed over for the night.

My own evaluation on the Research of my Hallo Project

From what I have researched, I think my finished product at the end worked. By looking back at what I researched, everything is in the finishing product itself. I have been able to create a video that was nearly what I would have wanted from myself. Even though there could be an improvement in the camera work and acting, overall, I am very pleased with what I have achieved. The group who have helped me with my project have all contributed really well to make it successful.


First of all, I think I chose the perfect location for my project. It was a really good place to film in as there was the natural light outside as it was sunny, and the indoor lights when it came to the corridor. The only problem was not just the day we had to film it, but that there were students and people walking in the middle of us. The major problem while filming for my project was the fact that I wanted to use the main corridor next to where the canteen is placed to film. But because there were too many people walking in and out, it was just impossible for me to use this corridor, so I had to change tactics. I use a corridor which was similar the one I was meant to use. You will probably see the difference in the video itself, so I thought of telling the change in location for those that saw it. This was the only change in terms of my location, otherwise every other locations worked perfectly.


For the costume, I knew exactly what to wear, as I had everything. There was no need for me to buy any spare clothes for my project. It had to be casual, as if I was a normal person, but in fact I am a machine, but no one notices it. It had to be as if I was undercover. because I was inspired the Terminator films, I thought of choosing the clothes that would represent a Terminator. It was exactly what I wanted for the costumes, and I happy about it. There were no problems with it whatsoever.


I was really lucky to have the sunshine on Monday morning. This meant that I could use the natural lighting for the outside and the inside to enhance the filming. There were clouds, but the sunlight was perfect for my project. When we went inside, even if the colour are black and white, you can still see the rays of sunlight from the outside. This created a perfect atmosphere for my filming, so that when there wasn’t any sunlight, there would be a darker effect. When we filmed the corridor scene, the bit where I am opening the door creates a kind of light that shines onto your face, as if something dangerous was approaching. I thought this was very effective. The indoor lighting worked, but not as I wanted it, because there were too many lights and not many shadows, so there was a lesser sombre effect when I am approaching Lydia.


When doing the editing, I wanted to include a black and white colour effect, to give it a darker atmosphere that goes well with the lighting. The black screens that you see in between a few scenes, shows the change from one character to another, to add a bit more tension towards to the end. I have actually enjoyed doing the editing, even though I struggled from time to time as I am still not used to it as much. But at least I have more knowledge about Avid than I used to a few weeks go. This is something which I can improve on when making more videos and especially when it will come to the 3rd term for the Final Major Project, so if I keep practicing, I will only get better at it.


Terminator 2 – Soundtrack Main Theme, (Kanal Uzivatele NickSekac, 2011)

This is the music I chose for my production. Because I wanted to do a Terminator Style video, the music itself had to be from Terminator. I had 2 choices of musics from Terminator 2 but at the end, I thought the main theme of Terminator 2 was better. It has this atmosphere when you listen to it of tension building up every 20 seconds. I thought this would’ve been a great music choice for my video. As you listen to it when watching my project, you can hopefully feel the tension building when Lydia knows that I am behind her, so there was a feel of what will happen to her. For the ending part, I thought it would have been a superb ending to finish it off with a ‘bing’ noise when I say Hello. This could create a sense of what will happen to Lydia at that moment?

What can I improve on next time?

The project was how I wanted it in some ways, but there are things where I could improve on next time. One of the big improvement I should make next time is to choose a location where there are not as many people who will interfere when someone is filming. So instead of thinking of one location, I should think about other locations similar to this one, and choose which of those are the best for me. The next time I do editing, I should keep the video continuous all the way without any black screens in between. Because this could make the audience lose a bit of focus and could lose track of what is happening. The camera angles could improve as well. Because we only filmed with what we had, we were limited on filming a really good low angle shot for example depending on the location. But I did think that overall Sara did a pretty good job at filming and that I chose the right camera angles but there could be an improvement to hold the camera still and to make the angles a little better.

To finish this off, here is the finished product of my Hallo Project, sit down, relax and enjoy!

The Terminator, ( LeFrenchBlog, 2016)

 Peer Feedback

Kyle Alford – I was very impressed with Marwan’s research plan because he did an impressive study. In his research plan Marwan researched everything from lighting to sound and beyond. I found it useful how he spoke about the different aspects and factors relating between each category on his research and how he compared them throughout. Marwan did a good job in tweaking his plan due to him not being able to use a gun prop (for safety reasons), I liked how he manipulated the lighting effect to produce the same effect that he wanted to when having the prop gun.

I think that overall you should be really pleased with your work, the structure and planning both complimented each other making it an easy and enjoyable read. The only thing I think you could improve on was the grammar as there was a few spelling errors that I encountered for example when you put ‘will’ instead of ‘well’ (12/12/2016)

Lydia Reeves– Overall, I really enjoyed reading this blog. Marwan has obviously put in a lot of time into his research and has portrayed his vision well into film. I think the film however could be cut down a little but that’s my personal opinion. I really enjoyed helping with this project as Marwan always knew what he wanted to film so it was quick to do. (13/12/2014)




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