Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback

As it is our first week, we were told that we had to research different social network, by talking about their origins, how they appeared. Their specialities, which is the things one social network can do but not others. The last thing was their strength and weaknesses of that social network. I had to choose social networks that had some links to what people use in the media industry. First of all, I chose Facebook which I thought would be a good start as millions of people, included those who work in the media industry would use. I talked about how Facebook was created, telling about its specialities. You can create pages, so that people can view what you have done and say what they think about it. This is a good way of showing of people what you have done, so that those who work with you in the media industry, can see if what you do is good or not. The group chat is important because those who you work with, whether its a small company or a big company in the media industry, you can talk to more than 1 more person, to work together about a project you want to do for example.

A very different one to Facebook is Pinterest for example. It only has one specific function compared to Facebook which has dozens. Pinterest is great for showing photographers and designers, whereas Facebook is for anyone. So people who wants to be photographers or designers, Pinterest is the right place for them. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are also good social networks. In Instagram, you can post videos, although they are only time limited sometimes. But you can post a picture of what you are doing as a sign of advertisement for example, so that people are intrigued by what you will show the others. Snapchat is good, for photos and small videos, but isn’t used wildly by media users because you only share things you have done.

Overall, I have enjoyed researching about the different social networks. It was very interesting to see how different each social media works, how they differentiate with each other. It’s also very interesting to see that each has their own specialities, so different people would use different social network depending in the environment they are in. For example, if it was a businessman/woman or a person working in the media industry, Facebook or Instagram would be good, as they can show others the work they have done. If its something specific, Pinterest is good. Especially for photographers and designers, this is a social network they would use most of the time as well as Facebook. Although it was a big of a struggle to find their specialities, after hours of research, I was able to find some for each chosen social media.

Peer Feedback

‘The information is all there and is displayed in a professional manner. I found the layout useful as I found myself knowing what was coming next as you kept the same pattern for each social media you were talking about the same. I enjoyed the specialties of each social network you were talking about and found myself learning some new things about Snapchat and twitter that I didn’t know before. Overall I found this piece informing and idealistic the only minor was a few spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation.‘ (Kyle James Alford – 08/01/2016)