This week was an audio based week. This time we learnt about the different stages of production, these are: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. We talked about them within audio. Our practical this week was to do a Radio-Play showing the planning that we have done, to do the production and to edited it once it was done.

Our theory for this week was about the 3 Stages of Production which I have listed in the introduction. Pre-Production is the planning. This is the first thing that everyone has to do in the media industry before making a project. Without planning, there is no production at all. There are many things in pre-production that applies to audio. One of the things that is applied is that you check the levels whilst planning. If you don’t check your levels, your sound might be distorted or it be too quiet. The level which you need to have is 12dB, not lower, not higher. Another example of how pre-production applies to it, is scouting locations. When you want to know where is the most suitable location to record what you need, you go and look at different locations and see/hear to see if you think this location is appropriate for you or not. Another important one is to invest in audio equipment. You have to buy equipments that are useful for what you need and that has the best quality in order to have a quality audio project. We also looked at the elements that are to be considered and the reason why it links to the other stages of production. As well as looking at planning, we looked at documentation. The documentations are really important. When filling documentations, there are quite a few papers that you have to fill in. You have to fill a Location paper, for budgets, contact details of people, time planning, scheduling shoot days and equipment. These are very important as they show proof as to whether you are ready to record or not.

For our pracitcal task, we had to do a Radio Play, titled ‘ The Proposal’ which is located in a restaurant. Because we have learnt about pre-production, with my group, we had to think of a script, which Kai decided then to write. We scouted the locations which we thought would be good for us to record our diaogues without too much echoes and without too much background noises. We then had to fill some of the documentation that was needed. We filled the location document and the health and safety document to see which possible hazards might be visible while we record. We even made our own equipment lists as well so that there is proof of the equipments that are being used. Once we got proof that everything was good, we went onto the production part to recordour dialogues. We firstly did it in a corridor, but we found out that it wasn’t that good because people were passing by and there was a bit of echo while speaking, so we changed it and thought of doing inside a more closed interior space. This time it worked better, even though there were people passing by from time to time. As well as the dialogues we thought of recording sound effects. From the pre-production, we created a table with all the sound effects that were needed to be recorded, and those that had to be downloaded on the internet. We were able to do this very efficiently and without too many problems.

Onto the Post Production part, because the proposal doesn’t turn out how it should be, I thought of making mine dramatic, using dramatic music as well as using the appropriate ambient sound and sound effects. I also added text in the middle of the radio play, as I could not find the right sound effect. Although, after watching it a few times, I thought that it was not a good idea to add text as this is only a radio play, so people when listening to it, they rely on the audio rather than the visuals. Although I think I was quite happy with my final product. I thought it was dramatic and emotional, especially when Kyle knows about the ring. The music I thought was well chosen with it, the sound effects was also quite well chosen. One of the things that wasn’t heard was the ambient sound of the restaurant. I have put it on the timeline, as you can hear it slightly, but you can barely hear it. So I think next time, I should increase the ambient sound just a bit more.

Overall, it was a very creative week and an interesting week. It was really good and important to learn about the stages of production, so that in our future projects, we can apply the things we learned in a methodical way so that we are able to do our projects to the best of our ability.

Peer Feedback

Marwan your description of the production process at the beginning was helpful in the case of giving me the reader an idea of what is going to be discussed later on down below. The points and information you gave about audio factor of the pre production was informative. The descriptions you gave proved to be even more helpful with the assistance from the pictures you provided them with. You did a good job of explaining how you filled in your documents and why you did it for each form. I liked how you acknowledged the problems you experienced in your radio show project and how you would change them. The analysis of your video was very interesting to read as well.

(Kyle James Alford – 26/02/2017)