For the next 2 weeks, we have making an end-of-term project, called ‘The Scene’, in which the theme is based on ‘Friendship’. The length of this video must be 1 minute long exactly, not more not less. Not only we have to use the skills we know from the 2st term, but we also have to use the skills we have learnt this term as well.

Analysis of Video

Special Date – One Minute Short Film, ( Glenn Brugmans, 2013)

Shots – There are a few close ups shots to show the detail of his actions as well as extreme close ups. In the bathroom scene, there is only one camera set, with multiple actions taking place. There is a depth of field being used to mainly focus on him. If he moves out of that focus point, this is when he can get a bit blurry, so he stays there so that it is clear for us to see him.

Outside, there is a point of view shot as well as a close up shot on his face, but also when he opens the door.

Inside, it shows nearly the same type of shot that was in the bathroom. Then the shot is an extreme close up of the computer to show the messages being sent and the message appearing from the person he is talking to

Editing – There are quick transitions to go from one action to the next. There quite a lot of jump so that it does not feel too long. It there weren’t any jump cuts, it would have felt much longer.

Lighting – There is high key lighting which is used to light up the room. The type of light is artificial, which comes directly from the bulbs. This brightens up the room so that we can see everything that is around him, but we can also see the details of what he is doing.

In the dark room, the only source of light comes from the computer. This is shown throughout the whole scene. This would gives sense of something mysterious, or maybe that he did not want any lights in the room because he want to be on his own as this was a date

Narration – The narration is linear. It has a clear beginning, middle and end to it. We can clearly follow what is going on without being too confused about it.

Analysis 2

MISPLACED – 1-Minute Short Film, (Mr Lodipi,2015)

Shots – Medium close up shots, angle shots, close up shots of the props, low angle shot which focuses on the book, so that we know where the phone is before him

Editing– Slow transition, there are not many jump cuts being used, match on action being used when there is a medium shot of him picking his wallet, and the following shot is a close up of him picking it up. We can see that there is fluidity to it as each shot follows from the previous shot in a continuous way, so that we do not get confused.

Lighting – Low key lighting, soft light, there are not too many lights but we can clearly see everything. There are very strong shadows used. The use of low lighting shows that it isn’t a joyful video to watch. Throughout the video, he was trying to find his phone, and especially at the end when there is that mysterious person talking to him, there was quite a strong use of shadows.

Colour – Greyscale colour with some natural colours within it. It adds a more creepy/mysterious feeling to it.

Narration – Linear. The ending is surprising and mysterious. We can follow the story very easily as well because each scene tells us something.

Sound – Mysterious music, to show the feeling of confusion in some ways, as he tries to find his phone, there is the sound of phone ringing, there is a phone charger. There is also Foley sound being used when he takes the phone charger but puts it back down again, as he could not find it there.

Props – There is a phone charger, keys, a wallet and a book which hides the phone before he finds it.

The Fall (1 Minute Short Film), (Timepiecemedia’s channel, 2012)

Shots – The first shot that we see in this short film is an establishing shot. Based on the title, this could be the roof of a building, in which something bad could happen. There, as he gets closer to the edge, there is a medium close up shot of him to show the expressions on his face. Then it shows an extreme close up of his phone, to show that something must’ve happened between the 2. There is then a first person view shot to show how high it is. The shot in which is stands up to the edge, which is a low angle shot, to show that he will do something that isn’t going to be pleasant. Then there another low angle shot of when he jumps which is very effective.

Editing – For editing, there is no quick transition from one scene to another. Because this short film shows how the man probably dumped her and that his life is probably over, each scene is long enough to feel the same thing as him, to take time to look at him long enough before he commits suicide.

Lighting/Colour – The lighting is this is more a green-like lighting although, I a pretty sure that this was used for the editing as the light used whilst filming was natural light. So the colour to get the right mood of sadness is used in editing. The colour that we can mostly see on this short film is green.

Sound – There is no Foley sound in this, however there is a sad music to enhance the mood within the video. It works really well because whilst watching, we do kind of feel sorry for him that he is going through this after what happened between him and his girlfriend.

Props – The only prop being used in this short film is his phone, which is a very important prop in this case because it sows the image of them 2 when they were together

Analysing Short Film 4

RUN! – 1 Minute Horror Short Movie, ( Cookie Imagination, 2015)

Shots – Some of the shots included in this short horror movie are medium close ups at the start of the film. Then it turns to an angle when the title appears to show where he is running. So it is kind of an establishing shot in some ways as well. Then there is a medium shot when the camera is at the back of the runner. We can then see a close up shot of the runner,so that we can see his expressions, and the way he is feeling at that instant whilst running. We then get close ups of his legs whilst running to see his paste, showing that, at the moment, he is feeling normal. When he sees a mysterious figure behind him and that he jumps over the tree stump, hiding for his life, there is a first person view shot, as if it was us as an audience.

Editing – I thought that the transitions in this clip was fast, but not as a quick. At some parts of the video, there are quick transitions especially when he saw the mysterious person and started running away. This was an important part to get quick transitions so that there is a feel that everything is getting confused, and that he is in a state of panic. At the beginning however, there was a slower transitions, which followed the pace of the runner, which was not too fast, not too slow, but just right. If the transitions on this were too quick , then we would not be able to see him running at his normal pace, so having slow transition at the beginning and quick transitions at the end was a really good thing to think of.

Lighting/Colour – In this video, there is only a use of natural light. So that it can make people feel look at it as if it was realistic. If artificial light was used, it would have been way too bright, and there would not be that effect of being afraid. With the use of shadows and low lighting, this clearly gives that frightening mood of not only the audience, but also the the character himself.

Colour – In the first half of this video, the only colours are the natural colours of the location itself which is used. a function of the colour might have been changed but otherwise, the colours are the same. This is the exact same thing for the second half

Sound – For this, there is foley sound being used for the mysterious guy’s footsteps as well as the runner who is jogging at the beginning. The music used in this really represents that kind of horror feeling. We see a guy chasing him, so there is that tense music playing all along, even at the beginning. Then we the runner gets caught, the music goes really well with this action.

Analysing Short Film 5

Time – One minute Short Film, (Twin Entertainment, 2015)

Shots – In the first few seconds of the video you can see shots of the clock to long shots of the car, to close ups. Loads of the shots are close ups of the woman or they are close ups of objects. When the shots are in the restaurant, you can see that they are medium shots. There is also the use of tilt shots for when the ‘husband’ is arriving at the restaurant. it shows the action of him arriving then sitting down. After the phone call, there is another close up shot of the glass, with the blurred woman in the background to show that she is leaving. We can then see the woman crying in the car because of that phone call the man had. The close up shots of the woman in the car shows the detail of her face, that she is clearly crying because of what happened. The shot of the burnt letter at the end was quite a powerful shot because it probably meant that she might have died or was seriously injured in that car crash.

Editing – In this video, there are loads of different shots, in which there are loads of quick transitions. because the clock is ticking, the scenes are ticking as well, especially when it comes to before the man arrives at the restaurant, as if the scenes synchronised with the clock. There is no use of effects, just jump cuts are being used.

Lighting/Colour – The use of lighting in this video feels kind of soft in some ways. It does not seem as bright as we think it is. The light in the restaurant is soft to show the atmosphere of the restaurant, maybe being a bit dark because of what will happen next. The shadows are quite soft when looking at the 2 people. The colour is more a yellow/orange-ish colour in the restaurant. When it is outside, it is more of a grey/natural colour.

Sound – The sound in here is usually Foley sound or sound effects. There is music as well which seems romantic.

Analysing Short Film 6

The Alarm(1-Minute SHORT FILM), (SeanvL, 2013)

Shots – The shots used in this are varied but also the same. There is the use of close ups for when we see the girl’s face. Sometimes there is a medium shot of the person running or the dog. Mostly, it is the same types of shots. There is even over the shoulder shots, for when she looks at the guy running, so that it is as if we were next to her as well.

Editing – For the editing, we can clearly see that they are quick transitions. Because this is a video about her being out of reality and that the alarm is ticking, the transitions would have to be quick so that we feel that as well.

Lighting – The lighting used is Natural Light only. You can clearly see the dinstinct shadows on her face as well as the jogger’s face. There would be no need to use artificial light in an outside area because the sun’s light is just much brighter than an LED light.

Colour – There is no colour used. Only the colours within what we see in the video is the colour being used. However, towards the end, there is a sort of blue colour when everything goes back. This is probably to suggest that everything is going back in time, or that reality is arriving so the outlines turns blue to suggest that this is happening.

Narrative – The narrative is more of an open narrative because the ending could open doors to other videos showing what might happen when she wakes up, there isn’t a definitive ending to it as we as an audience are not sure how this could be an ending.

Project 2: The Scene

For this project, we have to create a 1 minute video based on the skills we have learnt. The theme of this project is Friendship. There are many types of friendship videos which could be made, but for mine it would be more of the negative side of friendship, I thought of making a video where friends betray each other, which I thought would be an interesting example.

Production Research


Geograph, 2017
Google Maps, 2017

The one and only location which I am going to use is the Greyfriars gardens in Canterbury. It has a nice grass area with a few benches which I thought would be suitable enough for my project, as it will involve street-like friends. It has a grass area with  which is also what I would to use for my project as well as enough light as this is an open space. Mine will happen outside for the following reasons which will be explained much later.

The other location which is part of the Flashback scene, would be where there are plenty of trees, which is a nice shadowy area to show the ‘dark side’ of my main character’s friend. I thought of choosing the location because this is where the 2 friends met, so I thought it would be a good place to choose.


There are 3 props which I am going to use within my project:

  • Money: Money is part of my project as in the video, there will be flashbacks of the main character’s oldest friend who was a great friend to him, but at the end, he stole money from him, which he should not have.
  • Phone: would be a prop which will be only used when I am phoning someone before getting the money. This is because I would be talking to my new friend who is at home at the moment
  • Ball: The football would be used for when the main character’s oldest/closest friend and his other friend plays football while I am walking towards them.


The costume, would only be plain clothes, because my project involves teenagers, they would wear normal clothes, whereas the main character would wear street-like clothes to show that he comes from a rough neighbourhood. I did not want any fancy costumes because it would clearly not suit with it

Camera Techniques

There is a multiple of camera techniques which I want to use for my project. There is a variety from establishing shots, to low angle shots to medium shots and even extreme close up shots. The low angle shots at the beginning of the video, would be for when the main character’s oldest friend, still his money while he is distracted by a phone call. Having a low angle shot of the money being taken away thought to be a good idea as it is to show that actually, he isn’t as nice as he thought, but does not realise it. The establishing shots being used are for when it is positioned at the side so that the 2 actors are side to side, but we can also see the environment behind it, so that people know where it is. I thought of having a few tracking shots. On of the them is when they play football. Because there is something going on, I thought it would be a good idea of having that type of shot to what it is going on exactly so that it switches from behind to front in one scene. I also thought of doing a first person shot for when there is someone who is spying on the 2 people before they are high fiving each other. The thing which I like about this is that we do not know who it is, but that actually in the present day scene, the call he receives, is from that person.

Lighting Techniques

For the light, I will use Natural light because my video is based outside for the whole minute. It would not be necessary to have an artificial light in an a bright area. Even at he beginning when there is that flashback by the bench with the trees around, there is enough shadow for my video to be good. I don’t want any artificial light because I want my story to feel that my main character’s friend betrayed him by stealing money. So having shadows using the black and white effect would hopefully be very effective. Because the present day scene is done in an open space, although it might be bright, this will then be adjusted in the editing process.

Editing Techniques

When the time comes to edit, I want mine to feel kind of emotional/sinister in some ways. because my project involves betrayal. The transitions between each scene will vary. Sometimes there will be slow motion, sometimes, the speed will be normal. There will be effects being use to keep the fluidity in the video throughout. Jump cuts will be used for when the main character walks towards his close friend and another of his friend. There will jump cuts because he walks quite some distance  so quick transitions will be involved in this. For the flashback scene, the colour will be black and white. For this, I got inspired by a series from my favourite French rappers called PNL. In the Part 3: Bene, there is a flashback scene in which it goes black and white. So for my video, I thought of using that as well, which I thought would be a good idea. After this flashback, the natural colours will return, which means that it will be back to the present day. I thought of doing this, as if this was real.

This is the type of Flashback I would like to get for my project with this colour so that people know its a flashback, as well as adding the date:



For the sound, there will definitely be background music to enhance the video and hopefully make it emotional. There will also be sound effects being used but not as much as. It will mainly be for the phone ringing so that the visuals can be more focused on with the music.  I thought of not having any dialogues for mine because for me the visuals are an important part for my project so that people do not get too distracted with the audio.


The synopsis for the short film that I am making is about 2 people who were really good friends at the beginning, but then one of them betrayed the other for what he did, but fortunately apologises at the end. The first half of the video starts with a flashback. This flashback contains me and one of his closest friends who are talking to each other and we are having a good time. But then he gets distracted by a phone call. So while this happens, my other friend steals my money.  Then onto the present day, he sees his oldest friend , he walk towards, takes back the money from him and walk away as what he did was really bad.

This would that friendships are not always easy, and that there are things that you do between friends, which are not always right. I thought of doing this idea because it shows it isn’t always easy to be nice, sometimes you have to risk things. Being a close friend with someone isn’t always easy and that there are always bad things between people that are happening to each other, that sometimes it could come at breaking point of something much worse. But for this one, there is a happy ending to it as the main character’s closest friend apologises to him by giving the money back which is always a kind move.


The only equipment I will need is a steadycam as all of my shots involves moving the camera, so having a tripod would not be beneficial for this particular story. The other equipment I will need of course is a camera. But I will use the college camera as it has better quality than the digital camera which I have at home. I want to capture the scenes in the best quality possible.


For the script, there isn’t going to be much dialogue as I want people to be more focused on the visuals and to try and understand what is going on in each scenes, so that people do not get distracted by it. Although it will explain each scene in what it does so that it will make it easier for those acting to know what they are doing, it will also explain the sound effects used in this so that during the editing, I can refer to this without struggling too much.






Shot 1 – 2 people sitting next to each other and talking to each other. Camera Angle: Tracking shot from left to right

Shot 2– 2nd character stealing the money that is located on the same bench. Camera Angle: High Angle shot to Low Angle shot

Shot 3 – Main character phoning someone while other friend steals money, but was in the shot before. Camera Angle: Medium Shot which rotates around him.

Shot 4 – They walk onwards each other + high fives. Camera Angle: Long Shot/ Establishing shot. ( There will be an empty frame within that scene)

Shot 6 – Phone call from a friend ( who was spying last time in the flashback scene) saying who stole the money. Camera Angle: Low Angle + Rotation

Shot 7 –  Main character’s closest friend and another friend playing football. Camera Angle: Tracking shot

Shot 8 – Main Character walks towards them. Camera Angle: Long Shot/Medium Shot

Shot 9 –  With the jump cuts of shot 8, this will continue with shot 9 which is when the main character walks up to his old friend, his friend gives him back the money and apologises to him. Camera angle: Left Angle Shot/ Medium Shot

Shot 10 – The main character with his friend, walks off into the distance.


For the, I do not have an dialogue being heard, but there will be dialogue but on silent, as I want people to look at it from the visual side of things and not hearing the audio, apart from the music and the sound effects which will be added to it.

Script 2.PNG

Location Recce

The location where I am filming is considered as one for me, although the floor type is different, but the interferences within the 2 different areas are identical. This is an important document to fill in so that you know exactly when you will film, a detailed information about the chosen location. I had to make sure that this is the best location for my project instead of elsewhereCapture 2

Capture 6

Health & Safety

I have taken a health and safety risk assessment to identify the potential hazards which could occur or appear whilst filming. There were quite a few as my project happens outside. The hazards and their problems are explained below:


UAL Project Proposal

This is a document we had to fill in before the Production Process. We have to say in detail, the depth of our project.

(The one which is in this blog post is the first sheet which is already written, the other 2 has been handed out already)

UAL Project Proposal for Friendship 2017 2

Production Diary

11-12 March 2017

After 1 week of planning and problems appearing during the weekend due to some not bringing a camera charged or not being available, I had to find another way of making sure that I filmed as early as possible so that I could get on with the post production process. After a stressful weekend, on Sunday, I thought of going to Canterbury to scout parks near the college so that it will help me for filming on Monday. There was one particular park which I found. One which I came with Kai, Kyle and Lydia many months ago. It was a park which I thought would be quite nice for me to film in. Its quiet, there is an alleyway with benches as well as a nice grass area with benches, a tree and other things. Compared to the other park in Faversham, this park in Canterbury is much smaller, which I thought wasn’t what I wanted because I wanted a big park to get a big view of the background which I thought would be better. But after looking for a few minutes at the park in Canterbury, it was quite a good spot for me to film in.

13 March 2017

This day was filming day. I went to get the equipment in the morning ready for the afternoon. Although I had the camera, the media department ran out of steady-cam, which for me was a crucial part of the equipment I needed for my production, without it, I run the risk of the camera shaking too much, which could make the person filming, loose focus on the person who is meant to be focused on. When the afternoon,I was ready for my production. Nicole did the camera, George and myself were the actors for my project. When we went there, we started with the flashback scenes which would appear first in the video. There were a few people passing by, so we had to find the right moment to film without interrupting too many people. Because my first idea was way too complicated, whilst the production process was going on, I was able to change some of my ideas to reduce the number of scenes, using a more simplified idea to make the story a bit more understandable. The filming for the flashback scene went pretty well, I thought of having a 2 or 3 takes so that I can choose from those takes, which I find most suitable for my final product. Onto the present day scene, this was relatively easy to film as there weren’t as much acting as they thought. Although without the steady-cam, Nicole was struggling with keeping the camera steady, which is also what I was afraid of happening. This is especially visible in the final product for when I walk. Following someone walking whilst filming without the steady-cam is very tricking, because your hands move when walking, making it more tricky to keep it steady all the way through. Again, there were no problems for the last few scenes, everything went smoothly and we always did 2-3 takes for each scenes, apart from those in which I thought I was really confident in not doing again.


My project is about 2 close friends who are having a good time, talking about things. I then put the money on the bench as I have no space in my pockets to put it in. Then, I get a phone call, in which I leave the bench. While this happens, my close friend steals the money without me realising, as I am having a phone call of course. Then once I finish my call, I go back to him, showing that I have to go, leaving this empty frame behind. All of that was a flashback of what happened before the present day scene. On to the present day, I walk in the same park from where the event happened, then as I walk into the park, I notice that my close friend is here, so I walk towards him. When he sees me, he apologises for stealing my money and gives it back to me, with a tap on the shoulder to show that he is sorry for what he did. We then walk off together in the park, which I thought would be important for me to end it in a happy way father than breaking the friendship, which would mean more planning, and could be risky that it could pass the 1 minute mark.


The pre-production at first went pretty well. I had an idea of doing a one minute short vide about someone betraying his close friend, which then ends in a rather sad way. I had my storyboard done, the documentations were mostly done. I scouted the location which I wanted so that it is suitable for  where I wanted to film. The location which I have found was in the Faversham Recreation Ground, where there was a big open field with large pathways, which I thought to myself would be the ideal location for my project. I had to fill in an equipment list as well as a schedule a plan so that I know the equipment I need, and that I know what time I am doing what thing, so that I do not get muddled up all at once. I had had to fill a Health & Safety sheet so that I know the hazards which might appear whilst I am filming in the location I have chosen. I had everything sorted, but for my Production schedule, it went wrong during the weekend especially.I was missing 2 actors which I need for my project. I asked a few people, but said that they were not available, because some were just not available, or they were too busy. I kept asking until I found someone to be in charge of the camera. He said that during the weekend, to be more precise, Saturday 11th of March 2017, he would be available. So I hired him for the camera work. Then I went to ask for actors, as I desperately needed 2 people. The production part of this moment will be explained below in the Production Process.

Although my planning went well, I got told by some people to probably change my idea as it looked quite complicated to do, especially if it is a one minute strict video. I had around 12-13 scenes, maybe a bit more, which I decided to film, but was told to maybe simplify it as this looked quite difficult to then edit showing each scenes in exactly one minute. So at the end, I have thought of an idea. This time, instead of having a sad idea, where the friendship is broken, I thought of finishing it happily, where the closest friend who stole the money, apologises to him rather than the main character pushing him and breaking the friendship, this would sound long to explain, and too long to edit. I made my life much easier in thinking of a happier ending, which would make more sense to people. Because my ending changed and that the location has changed, some of my documentations which I filled had to change as well. The script had to change, the location recce sheet had to change as well, although it was mostly the same because it is the same type of location, with the same type of problems. After changing the documents, I felt more confident with the story I had and that I was ready for the filming process.


For the production process, at the start, it did not go as well as I thought. This is because after the first few days of planning, with the list of shots ready and feeling confident, I had a problem on the day of the shooting. My friend, with who I would use his camera, did not charge his camera, which was a real problem. The 2 actors were free but because my friend with the camera was available on Sunday, the 2 actors who were meant to be in my project, were not available on Sunday. So I was not able to do my production as I wanted because of those problems. Then I had an idea of doing on Monday, and this time it did work. When I filmed on Monday, I used the camera angles which I wrote on the list so that I can tick them off each time I have done one. The production techniques I have used for the production is different camera angles like medium shots, low angle shots, tracking shots, which are very common in my video. For the lighting, I wanted to use the natural lighting as it is an outside location. If I used an LED light, it would not make much a of a difference, but we would probably see a bright light in the video. Also, there would be no point in having an LED light because the sunlight is already quite bright itself. On the present day scene, most of the shots where the jumpcuts are involved, were medium shots, in which Nicole follows me walking towards the park and towards George. With the camera, I was meant to have a steady-cam, but because they ran out of those, I have to take a risk, and use the camera itself, hoping for the best that the camera would not shake violently whilst walking, but this hope was gone by the time we were filming.

Post Production

For the post production process, I wanted to try and make it in a style in which I was influenced by PNL’s series video which they are making at the moment. I wanted to have slow motion to give it more of an effect when watching it. The other very important thing which I wanted people to show is the use of the black and white effect for the flashback scene. I was inspired that PNL series that I thought that I wanted to do something I the same kind of style as them if possible.

Having flashback effect for my first few scenes was important s part of my story as I wanted to show the people watching it that happened in the past ( well…1 day before the present day).  There was also the use of the ‘Dip To Color’ Transition which would be part of that flashback scene. Within the editing process, I used a mix of quick and long transitions, and a few jump-cuts as well. The long transitions was for when slow motion is being applied, this is when the transitions are not as quick, so that people take time to look at what is happening, without the scene being cut too many times from one scene to the next.  The other thing which I have used for the editing is text. This is to show the date at which the flashback and present day scene happens, so that people know they are happening at different days. If I took the writing off, even with the black and white effects from the flashback scene, people might be wondering if the 2 big scenes are meant to be 2 different dates, or are they the same day, which is why I thought of adding the date for the 2 scenes.

Here is the timeline of when I edited it, it was done on my editing software as I was not able to do some of the things I really wanted on Avid, so it had to be done on this software instead unfortunately.

Capture 8

Colour + Transitions

Capture 3

Capture 5

One of my main elements within the editing process was to get the black and white colour by changing the contrast and Pivot so that it does not look like a plain black and white. I wanted to make a black and white that would make people feel to the audience that it is a flashback scene, and not just a scene in which I just put black and white for the fun of it. I wanted the contrast to a bit more darker so that we can see stronger shadows, making it look more like a flashback scene. Within the use of black and white, I also wanted to use the ‘dip to colour’ effect before and after the flashback scene, having that effect, would definitely make the flashback more like a flashback scene than a simple black and white scene.

Capture 7

Capture 6

The text is also one thing which I wanted to add during the post production is the use of text. I am using it especially for the dates so that people know the 2 parts take place. Without the dates, the people watching it might think it would happen at 2 different dates, but they might also think that it might have happened I the same day but different hours. This is why just in case of any confusions and to be more precise, I thought of adding the dates of the flashback scene and the present day scene so that people know when it happens.

Goal and Expectations

My goal was at first was to make a story when the friendship breaks, meaning, having a sad ending. But because that sounded complicated, my new goal was to have a happy ending, which is what I tried to achieve. My expectation for the post production, is to use the transitions and effects as well as the sound effects for the editing process. My goals and expectations changed at least twice because of some minor difficulties within my production schedules.

Challenging, different and interesting about my media product

The challenging, different and interesting things about my media product is the way it is done. My editing is done differently in the style. I want to have slow motion in mine, to have flashback in a way that others would not do. The music also helps the flow of the video so that it synchronises well with the music. Not just that, but when I planned, I wanted to create a story which hopefully feels different to others. I wanted to create a story that might start bad, but that at the end finishes happily. I wanted to create a story, in which it could happen to any teenagers between close friends. The challenging thing about this product was actually planning it and to try and get the right scenes. At first I was struggling, as it was explained above. I had an idea at first, which looked really complicated, it would have been nearly impossible to put all these shots in 1 minute, so I finding a way of reducing the number of scenes was quite a challenge. So finding the idea to get my story to be understood was already quite a challenge. The other interesting and different thing about it is that I am telling this story in a visual way rather than using dialogue, so that people who are watching it, can think more.

Ideal target Audience

My ideal target audience is mostly to teenagers rather than adults. I want teenagers to understand this kind of story, as this could happen to anyone, anyone could have their money stolen by they closest friends, just because they want to, as money is quite a precious thing, so many people would want to steal it even when its bad. Apologising to their closest friends to keep the friendship alive is key. If you don’t apologise, you might think you are betraying your friend, and things might go the way you would not like it to. Adults would probably understand what the story is about, but because there are teenage actors in my video, it would surely be aimed at teenagers rather than adults.

After failing to produce my first idea, my second idea of the project does present my idea to my chosen audience. I wanted to make sure that I chose the right scenes for the right audience. If I decided to shoot scenes, which teenagers would not understand, then it not take more time to plan it, the shooting itself to make the adults understand would be much more difficult. So I had to make that my idea was done for the right audience and that I shoot it in a way that people of my age, younger, or older, understands the concepts behind what I am trying to tell the audience.

People should consume my media product so that people can understand what kind of things happens between close friends. Another way they could consume is by getting inpsired in the use of editing techniques, to see why I use quick and slow transitions in some of the shots. If people wanted to get inspired with the type of shots that are being used, this could be a video which people can watch. If they want to learn about the jumpcuts, they could watch this video, it involves a few jumpcuts.

Message of my media Product

My message of my media product is to show that close friends do things to each other which are not good, like stealing money. This is something close friends should never do, but I am very sure that these things like these do happen to close friends, but the most important thing at the end after doing something which you are not meant to, is to apologise. If you are close friends with someone, and that you do something you know you should not have but you did, the crucial thing to not break that friendship is to apologise. By apologising, your close friend will respect you more because you are apologising and telling the truth about what you did.

How did my creative decision help communicate my message?

My creative decisions helped communicate my message by having no dialogue for instance. Without having dialogues, just sound effects, I am mostly communicating through the visuals. Having the camera moving in the style that I wanted, the way the shots are taken, I am definitely helping communicate my message. The audio does help slightly, so that they know the action which is taking place, but the visuals will help much more.

Problems I encountered + how I solved them

I did not encounter any problems during the production process, but I did encounter problems just before, on the lead up to the production, which cost me 2 days wasted, 2 days of re-thinking of what I could do  to make sure I don’t wait too long to film, otherwise, I will not be able to meet the deadlines. The major problem which I had on the lead up to filming on Saturday 11th of March, I was meant to film in the afternoon, but my friend who’s camera I was meant to use ( as there were no cameras available at college) did not charge his camera, which would’ve been able to film at 1080p, which is what I wanted, so that people can watch it with the best quality. So that was a major problem, because without a charged camera, of course, I was not able to film at all on that day, so he was proposing to do it the next day. But then, that is when I encountered another major problem. I had 2 actors who were available on Saturday, but because my friend thought of doing it on Sunday, the 2 actors who I mostly needed were not available on Sunday, so that has put even more pressure on me because not only I have to find a new camera person, but I also have to re-think on the ending of the story, the actors I needed, etc…

It was a long weekend for me, I had to think of a way of making my story simpler, and with locations the others and myself have access to, but also the equipments I have access to as well. I then thought of doing it Monday, but because I had to re-think on so many things at once, I firstly decided to scout new locations, this time, in Canterbury as it is much closer to college, so more people I know, would hopefully be free for the production process. Choosing another location similar to the one I thought of in the first place in Faversham was tricky, but at the same time,  it was quite easy because there was a park that I was thinking of, where I came a few months ago, which is a small park near Whitefriars, called Greyfriars Garden. I thought this would be a really good spot for me to film in, as my idea has changed as well. For the actors, although I was struggling to find people available, I did find one of my friends who was available on that day, which was clearly a very positive thing, and I did find a camera person was also available on that day. So everything was sorted for the production process at last.

During the production process, because my new plan worked well, I did not encounter any problems luckily, everything went well, there might have been people walking through, but we did not film, until for example that the alleyway is clear, we went filming. Although I have ticked some of the hazards from that Health & Safety Sheet, none of the problems which I chose that might happen, it did not happen at all, so everything went well.

This is the same for the post-production, although there were some problems with the transitions and the keyframes (again) so I had to do it again using my editing software, so that I do not struggle too much with these, but I wanted to edit it in the way I had wanted, so if I use Avid, struggling on some of the things, it would not turn out how I would want it. Other than that, I did not have any problems with the editing process.

My finished project was effective in a way that if I had a problem with it, I would find a way of making it better. Although I might have had some problems with the post-production, there was always a way for me to find another way so that the problem does not appear in the finished product.

How could I make it better?

Firstly, I would make it better by actually having a steady-cam with me, because there were not any available on Monday, I had to take the risk of filming the scenes with the camera itself, which I knew would be a struggle to keep the camera steady when following someone walking, but it was: filming on Monday without the steady-cam, or waiting another day when they are free, but that means there would be a risk that those who I needed to for the project, might not be available the next time, so it was a risk I was willing to take on Monday, and I had to do the best with it. The result at the end was, that it was shaking quite a lot, especially when I was walking, but that is a problem which I can take into consideration and to make sure that I will be able to use it next time. By having a steady-cam next time, if I had to re-do those scenes, there would be quite some improvements myself and the audience would notice, there would by far, be less shaking that the original video.

In the production again, when there was empty frame scene, I wanted to have a smooth zoom, so that the audience can think that what happened in the flashback scene was not a  good thing. Instead of having a smooth zoom, the zoom was flickery in some ways, so it takes the audience out of it for a few seconds. It does not look as dramatic when there isn’t that smooth zoom.

When I get filmed walking across the bridge with the jumpcuts involved, the camera started to be on focus at the beginning of the Present Day Scene, there as I got a bit further away from the camera, I started loosing focus, which is why it appeared blurry towards the end after reaching the other side. So the way I could make it better is to make that I am focused, especially when I walking, because if the focus is lost, then the audience, might be distracted from other things and not what the actor is doing.

The skills which I have learnt in this project is the use of screen direction, which is very important, because without screen direction, the audience would think, that the character is walking everywhere, so maintaining that screen direction all the way, will help people know where the person is going.


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