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Final Major Project Ideas

My first idea – ‘Tribute video for the Harry Potter Saga’

Image result for harry potter episodes

There isn’t a theme for this idea, but it is a tribute, so the theme could be a ‘remembrance’ of this saga, because it has been really popular across the world. My recurring skill would be editing. This is what I want to focus, so I would be using many techniques to show the editing skills which I have learnt in the past year.

I am thinking more about skills than anything else in this video as well as using the skills to tell the story. I want to use found footage to show different editing techniques, which is what I want to do.

  1. What are you considering producing?

I am considering to produce a tribute video for the Harry Potter saga, which is extremely popular across the world. I want people to understand how Harry Potter changed from when he was little, when he went to his first year at Hogwarts School, to when he was a young adult hunting for Hocruxes and his last fight against the Dark Arts by showing all the events which has happened in all the films. Although the video will not be in chronological order of the films, they will all be mixed up. Although it is mixed up, the story will still be told in a way that hopefully people watching it would understand.

2. Why are you considering making this?

I am considering making this so that I can show the editing skills which I have learnt during the year, as well as adding my own skills to it as well. I also wanted to make it because the last tribute video I have was for Wolverine, so I thought to make a Harry Potter Tribute video would be a good one for me to make for my final major project. I am want to make it as dramatic as possible so that people can catch that emotional feeling of ‘what a great saga this was’ kind of thing. I feel confident enough in making a video that traces the events of each of the Harry Potter films which would bring back memories for those who have watched every film to the last one as well as myself.

3. Why is it important to you?

This is important to me because I am a fan of the Harry Potter films, so making a video like this would make people remember what a great saga this was and the success which it received, by also hoping to catch people’s attention on the way I am editing it too. I have watched every Harry Potter films since the first one, so I know them pretty well.

4. What skills are you going to be using?

I have learnt many skills in that past year, but the one which I am mainly focusing on, is editing. The skills in editing which I am likely to use are as follow:

  • Quick/Slow transitions
  • Black and White effects for flashbacks
  • Different transitions
  • L Cuts

…as well others which I can’t tell at the moment, but will most definitely appear in the final product.

All of these techniques will be explained when I am doing the research if I decided to choose this idea.

5. Who is your target audience?

Firstly, my target audience is to all the harry potter fans, so there isn’t actually a target audience as in terms of age, because any age would like it. Even adults would like it, but I am specifically targeting the Harry Potter fans.

6. What research will you be carrying out?

The research that I will be carrying out is different of the researches which I have done for my last 2 projects. Because mine is specifically based on the editing side of things, I will research about the techniques which I will be using, the films itself, to talk a bit about them, the colour grading which I will use (if there are any), researching about the main characters who I am focusing on in the video, between the friendships, the enemies, the relationship they had with Harry Potter etc…, the music I will use and why I am using it.

I will also be analysing the films so that I pick the key moments of each so that the tribute video makes sense when people are watching it. I will also watch other people’s video to get inspired by their ideas to see what they have done.

My second idea – X-men Days Of Future Past Trailer

Image result for x men days of future past

This has no specific theme, but the recurring skill which will be used is editing. Just as the first and second idea, I will use found footage to demonstrate the different editing techniques.

  1. What are you considering producing?

I am considering producing a 2-3 minute trailer of this film. Because the film came out already, it is good so that I can use the scenes which are already on YouTube to use them for my long trailer

2. Why are you considering making this?

I thought of making this trailer first of all because I like X-men movies, but also because in trailers, there is a lot of editing techniques that are put in shorts amount of time (which will be 2-3 mins maximum). Trailers has to give people a feel of what they would be expecting of the film when they are watching it. There are so many editing techniques involved in trailers that it would be a good way of showing the skills that I have learnt as well as showing my own personal skills in editing.

I have made many trailers in the past, because they are short and dramatic, which are the kind of videos I like making, here are a few examples of some of the trailers which I have made:

Because of these 3 trailers that I have made in the past 2 years, this means that I have some kind of experience in making them, so making a trailer for the FMP could definitely be a good idea if this is the one which I am choosing

Why is it important to you?

It is important to me because I want to show that I know the kind of techniques I have learnt, and I also want them to feel as if it is a film they would like to watch, by making it as dramatic as I can to catch the audience’s attention. It is also important to me because I have watched every single x men/Wolverine films to date as I am a big fan of the X-men films, so making a trailer of Days Of Future Past would be a really good idea.

What skills are you going to be using?

Because this is purely based on editing and that it is a trailer, there will be a variety of techniques:

  • Quick/Short Transitions
  • L Cuts
  • Slow Motion
  • Cross dissolve transitions, dip to colour transitions and many others.
  • Colour effects

All of these techniques will be explained when I am doing the research if I decided to choose this idea.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience is for those who like X-men films and for anyone else who might be interested in superhero films. This would usually be for 12 years old and over.

What research will you be carrying out?

The research which I will be carrying, will be the same research type as for the tribute video for my first idea. It will involve researching the editing techniques, the techniques of how to make a trailer, background information about the main characters from the film, the music I will use and why I will use it.

My third idea – Retrospective/lead up video of Star Wars

Image result for star wars episodes

Image result for star wars episode 7

Image result for star wars episode 8 the last jedi

This idea has no specific theme as well as this is based on editing. It shows all the Star wars films from episode 1 to Episode 8 (the new Star Wars movie that is due to come out on the 15th of December 2017).

As for the other 2 ideas, I want to focus it on the editing skills which I have learnt in the past few months as well as my own skills.

  1. What are you considering producing?

I am considering producing a video which shows all the films from Episode 1 to Episode 8, to show the evolution of the films in terms of the films themselves, the characters, how they became what they became, episode by episode all the way to The Last Jedi.

2. Why are you considering making this?

I am considering making this because as a huge Star wars fan, I thought this would be a good idea for me to make a video like this, especially because of the highly awaited ‘The Last Jedi’ which at comes out in cinemas at the end of 2017. I wanted to make this video so that whilst watching it, people would be feeling the hype for Episode 8 and to have a summary of what happened in the last 7 episodes. The other main reason that I want to make this is to show my editing skills. I want to use the skills which I have learnt in the last few months, as well as using my own skills from other videos which I have made in the past.

3. Why is it important to you?

It is important to me because as I am a big Star Wars, I want to show people that I care about it and I want to make it to the best of my abilities. I also want to show others that my editing skills are good, so that I can catch people’s attention when they are watching it. I want people to like the work that I am doing, I want people to hopefully get inspired by some of the videos which I do. I want to make people feel that this saga is amazing and that it will keep entertaining the Star wars fans for as long as Star wars films are made.

4. What skills are you going to be using?

I will use the same skills as for the other 2 ideas:

  • Quick/Short Transitions
  • L Cuts

8 Essential Cuts Every Editor Should Know: L Cut

  • Cross dissolve transitions, dip to colour transitions and many others.

Image result for editing transitions

  • Colour effects, probably black and white for flashback scenes if needed and changing the colour contrasts of some of the scene if necessary

Image result for colour grading editing

All of these techniques will be explained when I am doing the actual research if I decided to choose this idea.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience would be to everyone really. Star Wars has no age limit, although it would definitely be for the people are 10 years old or more. My main target audience though is to the Star Wars fans, there are millions of people who have watched Star wars since their childhood, so the target audience would be them for sure.

What research will you be carrying out?

The research which I will be doing is firstly watch the films and see which scenes I would use for it, I would also get inspired by other Star Wars videos which are the same type as I would want to make for the FMP. I would also research the characters from the film to

Mission Statement

1)What three things does Simon Sinek identify as the golden circle?

The 3 things he identifies as the golden circle are ‘Why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’.

When he talks about what, he says that every single person and every single organisation in the planet knows what they do 100%.

When he talks about how, he says they know how to do do it

When he talks about why, very few organisations know why they do what they do. By why he he meaning it by what is your purpose, what is your cause, what is your belief.

What is the hierarchy, ie what is the most important and what is the least important?

The hierarchy is a system in which members of an organisation or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.

The most important thing is that the leader is responsible for representing the ‘Why‘ of their company and visions. The 2nd thing which is important are the senior executives who are influenced by the leader. They know how and what to do to make their leader’s

Purpose – Life is good Statement

I think they are focusing more on the what. They don’t explain why life is not perfect and not easy, they just say that life is good. But it also says why on the second line. After the first mini-paragraph, it says why. So at the beginning, it is focusing on the what part, in rest of the statement it is focusing on the why.


They are focusing more on the what side of things. It tells you more what they do in this business and the reason for why they have created it.


They are also focusing on what we it does, as it says ‘Our Mission, Bring inspiration and innovation to every *athlete in the world. So they are also focusing on the what in this small statement. On the other informations about it, it also tells you what they do but with a reason behind it.


They explain their goal to supply everyone their power to share things globally so that everyone can see it. It focuses more on the why rather than what.

Why do I do what I do?

The purpose as to why I am editing videos is to show other people the videos which I make and to show them how good I am at it.I do what what I do because editing is a good way of showing what skills you have in editing. I want to edit videos because this is what I am interested in. It is something that calm my mind when making videos. I thought of choosing Film & TV as my course because I knew this would help me in knowing more about the different skills within the film industry as well as learning new skills in editing which is what I wanted to know more about so that when I make my own videos, I am improving each time. I have learnt many things from lighting, to the different microphone types to using Avid Media Composer for the first time and many more. We’ve also learnt about genre, narration, semiology and many more as well. Some of the experiences which I had within the use of editing was when I had to make a video for Sport’s Day at Kent College Canterbury (my old school) which I thought was really good. I also had experiences at using different editing softwares from iMovie to premiere Pro, to Avid, to DaVinci Resolve. Because I am french, my influences and inspirations would be things which you might not know at all. I was influenced/inspired by french youtubers even french rappers from time to time because of the style they are editing the videos.


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