Different types of Research

There are many types of research that you can do when you are working on a project. Although for my project, there are a few ways of researching which I will use whilst planning.


Internet research is one that everyone uses to find information which they don’t know about or that they want to find out more about what they want to research. It avoids people to go to the library to search for something, they can just type in what they want and it appears in a few seconds. Although there are a few rules in how to use the web

  • You have to choose the right source or website which will be helpful for your project or work which you are doing. Don’t use websites which are too much for you like Wikipedia for example.
  • There are many unreliable sources which exist on the internet. This means that anyone – even people who has no knowledge at all on your subject – can post anything at anytime.

How will use the Internet for research?

For my project, whilst using the internet, I will use the internet to research for the editing techniques which I will use when I am editing, By researching the different techniques, I will then research the main characters of the Harry Potter films and their different personalities, which would be an important part of my research, especially for those who do not know the Harry Potter films and are reading this blog.


Films can be used for research. They are a good source to watch to get inspired, by the technique which you want to search for. If I was watching a film, I would research for the way they explain the narrative and some of the techniques which they are using.

The Harry Potter films are more of a primary research than secondary, as I am the one who is watching the films. This is an important research for my project, as I am editing using found footage. So I would have to watch the films and see what scenes I would use for my final product.

Image result for fantastic beasts

WordPress, 2016

This is a film which I would get inspired to because of the genre of the video which is the closest to the Harry Potter films, so I would watch this to get inspired.

Harry Potter Films

There are the most important sources for my project as they are the films I would use to find the scenes I need for my project. So I would watch them and pick the important scenes for my project based on the themes which I have chosen.


Youtube videos are very helpful for me in finding out more about the way the Harry Potter Tribute videos are done. I can get inspired by their work, to see the way they told their story of Harry Potter, the scenes they have used, the way they edited with the music. There are many things within watching a Youtube video linked to what I do that could help me in my project.

Examples of existing media product

I will be researching those 2 videos, as I was influenced by them, in the way which the video was made, the story that he/she was trying to tell us.

Harry Potter tribute – Time by Hanz Zimmer, (Dean Tsalickis, 2013)


Epic Harry Potter Tribute, (Barney Banicle, 2011)


Questions the consider when looking at other’s work

How is the film/game/artwork organised?

The way the video is organised is by organising it in different themes. The first 2-3 minutes will be about Harry Potter, and his first few years, it will also show the relationship between him, Ron and Hermione in those first 3 years, as well as their friendship in the other years as the video will not be told in chronological order. Then it will show Tom Riddle from when he was young to him growing up and becoming a dangerous person to the point where he becomes Voldermort in flesh. So I wanted to show the rise of darkness in this one. The last part will show the key fight scenes from all 8 movies to end it in a dramatic way. It will then finish with the transition of Harry, Ron and Hermione from when they were young to when they were adult, which I thought would be a good way of ending this video.

By organising it this way, I can then select all scenes which would suit those themes, so that when it comes to editing, it makes it easier for those watching to hear what they are saying, as these information might be important.

What kind of techniques are used?

The techniques used for my project are editing techniques and the use of creating my own narrative so that I don’t make a video which tells the whole Harry Potter films in chronological order. I’ll be using narrative techniques as well as the most important part in my video, is to tell a story of the Harry Potter saga. So understanding and using the narratives which I have learnt, is something which I will be doing so that I feel confident enough when making the video.


How does this work make you feel?

It makes me feel good because I can forget some of the stress and anxiety I have about things that are happening in the real world and focus on this much more. It makes me feel calm. It just takes your mind off everything sometimes and you can work on something that you really like doing

Why do you think you feel like this?

I feel like this because I am doing a project which I like so it makes me feel better when doing it.

Does the colour, texture, form or theme of the work affect your mood?

The theme of the work would probably affect my mood because it is something which is emotional and serious, so it kind of affects my emotional feelings.

Does the work create an atmosphere?

Yes it does create some kind of atmosphere, because when watching it, you will feel that emotion in your mind and that sense of how good the saga was, with the music, this enhances that atmosphere.

Things that I have learnt in previous work

In some of previous work I have worked for, I have learnt that planning is a crucial thing. Without detailed planning, my project will not be as effective as I would like it to be . So this is the first thing which I have learnt, which is something I will definitely improve for my Final Major Project.

The other thing which I have learnt in my other projects or mini-projects are the editing techniques, some of which I have used because of what I have learnt using Avid and some of my own skills which I have used when making my own video. By learning more about he editing techniques, I will feel more confident in what I will use for my project, as there are a few techniques which I will use as well as creating my own narrative.

This chapter explains the research design for my final major project. It starts with the research questions and then is followed by the description of the research design and research methods used in my project.

Research Questions

What are the key aims and objectives of your project?

The key objectives for my project is to make a tribute video which is told in a way that will be remembered by the many people watching the video. I want to create my own narrative so that I don’t re-create the whole story in order of the films, which would be pointless. So I want to create a narrative for Harry Potter that will be dramatic and emotional and that it make sense hopefully.

Target Audience

My target audience will most probably be between 12 years old and 18 years old. The reason why I think this would be the appropriate age for my audience is because I will be posting this on YouTube, and on this platform, there are millions of teenagers from around this age who would watch YouTube videos. You would also, most definitely not expect people from a younger age to go on YouTube at lower than this because of some of the content which are supposedly not allowed for the younger generation. I think this would be an appropriate age for my video because it would link to a teenager’s life, as it is showing people growing up friendship, the relation between people, the good and the bad, and all those things which would affect the lives of teenagers

Although, when I looked onto the website called ‘YouGov Profiles, I have found out that the people who like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 movie would have an age between 18-24, meaning, that my original target audience was not high enough. I think the reason for this, is that Harry Potter affects more the teenagers than those under 18, as it involves, friendship, good and evil, growing, maturing and all those things, so for those who are 18 or over, it would make perfect sense. This wouldn’t be an ideal age for my video, because if I am relating to what I explained just above, it would most definitely not be suited for those are has passed their teenage years.

The information about the media within this range are as follows:

  • They are online for at least 50 hours
  • They watch TV for around 16-20 hours
  • The TV shows would’ve watched recently: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher, Cycling: Women’s Tour Highlights

Methods of Research

For my project, there is only one type of research which I could do, which is Feedback


Image result for feedback

Having feedback from the people who will watch my video is important so that I know what I did right and what I didn’t do so well. I will then comment on it, by analysing what they said.


Image result for questionnaire

Ysgolydderwen, 2017

A survey, is another thing which I could do. I could ask my Facebook friends or anyone actually to comment on my project idea. When that is done, they could give me some additional information for how I can make it better if necessary, which can be a very helpful way of developing my idea a bit more if needed.

Project Role

The only role which will apply to me is editing mainly. Because I am doing a project based on using found footage, so there would be no need for me to direct something. Although I would be a producer in some ways as I am producing this 7 minutes video.

Production Research

Editing Techniques

There will be a list of editing techniques which I will use for my video, some which I will use less than others. If I don’t list any editing techniques, it will look messy and will not look as professional because it would’ve meant I have rushed it. I want my video to look professional, so I will be looking at YouTube videos and see the advice they give.


Describing the main character’s personality and who they are is important for those who have not watched the Harry Potter films, who might be interested in reading this blog. So I thought it would be a good thing to explain briefly who they are so that they know.


Music is another important part of my video which I will research, as my Harry Potter video has to be synchronised with the music so that it gives it a proper dramatic effect when watching it. By talking about the music, I will also explain why I decide to choose this song and how it links to my Harry Potter video.

Equipment I will need

I will have to research the equipments I need for my project. All I need is a computer, the films and editing software. These are important because otherwise, I will not be able to do anything! The computer is bought from Currys and PC World, the editing softwares would most likely be downloaded for free as they are quite expensive, even those especially for students. The computer itself might be expensive, but at least it is the one which I need and is powerful enough for decent editing.

Production Schedule

Image result for schedule

The First Tee Seattle: 2017

A production schedule is extremely crucial, otherwise there is no way of timing yourself in what you do and it would make life much more difficult if there is a pile of work left after weeks and weeks of work. So I will plan my project as a weekly-basis table so that I can check the things which I have done each week.


Image result for budget

First Employ, 2015,

Budget for me is important when doing a project, especially when it comes to buying a computer and editing softwares. Although, I already have my computer and I already have the editing software needed for my production, so budget in this case, will not be as important for me.


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