Within this week, we have to write about how we are going to research what we need for this project, mainly for primary and secondary research.

My Project

My project is a Harry Potter tribute video which tells the story of Harry Potter by creating my own narrative. I will show the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione, the origins of Harry’s parents death and how he got his scar, the rise of Tom Riddle as Voldermort and the Horcruxes. The main reason for this is to show that I can create my own narrative. The other reason is that I really like the Harry Potter movies, so doing something like this would be a good way of creating that personal story.

The things I know

There are a few things which I know, which will be important for my project, if I don’t know much about it, I would have to research more about it.


Some of the things which I already know about my subject from the previous work is narrative. I have already learnt about the different types of narratives used in many films from Linear narratives to open narratives and many others. There are actually 8 different types of Narrative which I have learnt, but I will only be using 2 of them for my project. By having a understanding of it, I can use this knowledge in my project to create a story which hopefully everyone watching it will understand once they get to the end.

Multi-Stranded Narrative

Multi-Stranded Narrative is when there are multiple stories told which are all linked in one. The audience would not only be concerned about the action but also the action of each sub plots in the video and how they link to each other.

This will relate to my project as I have split the video in different themes, the first one which is showing Harry Potter when he was young, showing the friendship of Harry, Ron and Hermione throughout the first 3 years as well as some of the other years, as this will not be totally told in chronological order. Then it will talk about Voldermort’s origins, when he was young, growing up as Tom Riddle before becoming Voldermort himself. There will be a link with the Horcruxes whilst showing Tom Riddle. This definitely shows that there are multiple stories which are all linked to one, which is the exact same principles for the films themselves.

Closed Narrative

Closed Narrative is the opposite of open narrative, this is when there is a definite ending. For my project, there will be a definitive ending to my video, as the project is just recapitulating the story, which is explained in a different way, so it will have an ending of course.

Editing Techniques

The other thing I know is some of the editing techniques, like which I heave learnt when using Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve or other editing softwares in the past.There will be a few editing techniques which I will use within my project, even though this isn’t as important, but is still important because I will be editing this whole 7 minutes video.

Colour Grading

On Davinci Resolve or Avid, I can change the colour very easily to black and white simply or to some other colours, although this will not be very necessary, as the scenes themselves have a good colour already, so there was a need of flashbacks for example, then I would change it to black and white, otherwise that is all I will need it for.

Quick/Slow Transitions

These will be used throughout the video. At the beginning, there will be mainly slow transitions, as it starts calmly, so that those watching, can feel calm. As the tension increases, there will quicker and quicker transitions, to increase the drama. This is something which is important in my project because of the music I have chosen, which has to synchronise with the scenes themselves, otherwise it will not look tidy, and will also looked rushed, which is not want I want it to look like.

Areas I need to develop


The key areas where I will need to develop my knowledge is narrative, but most specifically at Multi-stranded narrative and closed narrative. I would need some knowledge of these 2 which will then lead me in creating my own narrative.  Even though I know some information about it, I should research into more detail about it, maybe by looking at other films which links to those  types of Narrative or to research a source which explains more about those 2 types of Narratives.


Another area where I will need to develop my knowledge is some of the functions within my editing software so that I feel confident when using it for the editing part of my project. I could practice on my own with sample videos on some of the techniques which I need to improve on before I am editing.

The Harry Potter films

If I want to create my own narrative, I would have to actually watch the films, so as another primary research, I should watch all the films in chronological order so that I get an understanding of the overall story, so that it makes it easier when I do my storyboard. Not only I will watch the films to find the right scenes, but I also have to find some narrations which will link with the scenes which I am showing, because it would be a bit boring if there were just scenes accompanied with the music.

Research Methods

The research methods which I will do are as following:


I will watch videos from Youtube which are as similar to the video which I want to make for my project and analysing it, talking about the things which he/she did well and the things which should be improved if he had to do it again. This is more a primary research than secondary research, which is a good thing, as I am observing myself what I want to know for my project.


The other method is to watch the films themselves, so that I can look at the scenes I need for this project, which is really important. I can also analyse the way the story is done, and what I can use within the story that would help me for my project. This is also primary research rather than secondary, as again, I am observing and analysing the important elements which I need for my project.


The internet mainly the method, which I would use for my research, especially when finding out information about what I really need to find out. If I had to find more about narrative for example, the internet would be the place to find out information. This would definitely be considered as secondary information as I am searching other sources.

To actually experiment on it, which is firstly for editing of course. I could try out some of the functions which I will probably use for editing so that I know if it will be useful or not. This would be primary research, as I am doing my personal experiment on some of the functions on Davinci Resolve or Avid, I would be finding out if this experiment has worked or not.

Primary Research

I have done a survey on Survey Monkey. By sharing it online like Facebook, for the moment I’ve had 7 responses for the questions which I wanted people to answer.

I got some very useful answers which could help me for my project. Some of the important questions where I wanted to know the answers to, will me a lot in my project if I need to change something about it.

For the 4th question where I asked what they think are the important themes within the Harry Potter films and I got helpful answers from it, some of which I already thought of, but there were also new answers which I might have though of but didn’t think about it in depth.

Survey Monkey. 2017

This answer cam from Elisa. She said that Friendship, love and curiosity are some of the important themes within the Harry Potter saga. I have included Friendship within my video as the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione, which shows the strong bond between the 3. Love could be another one which I could add, because as they grow up, there are people feeling closer to each other, like Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione.

Survey Monkey, 2017

This answer cam from Katie. She gave me some of the scenes which I could include within the video. There are some which I could use, especially when Harry goes to Hogwarts for the first time, when Hagrid says to Harry that he is a wizard as it shows Harry in his first few years, when Voldermort and Harry has their last battle, which would go on the ‘Road to Victory’ which would show the Horcruxes being destroyed and the key fighting scenes that lead to defeat Voldermort towards the end. I could have the scene when Harry catches the Golden snachet because it shows how good he is with a broom. So there are some very helpful scenes which I could put in my video

Survey Monkey, 2017

This answer is from Ethan. He talks about death and family, which is an important part of the Harry Potter saga, the family that Harry had, with his parents, with the Dursleys, but also the family he had at Hogwarts, with friends, with Dumbledore, they were his ‘family’ to him. Death would link to family. It would show the number of time he had someone close to him dying, someone like Dumbledore, Dobby, Sirius, Cedric, his parents and others.

Survey Monkey, 2017

This answer is from Rhiana. In this answer, there is something with the other answers did not include, which was Good vs Evil. This is a good theme which I already thought about and that it was good she talked about it. The good in my video would be Harry, Ron and Hermione, the bad would be Voldermort, towards the end there would be the battles between the 2.

The other question that I asked, which I wanted to know is how important narrative is in a tribute video, as making a tribute video, is about telling a story but in its own way. Again, I had some really helpful answers which could help me in the project, even though I have already planned the story which I wanted to tell.

Survey Monkey, 2017

This answer is from Nicole. She said that using voiceover to tell the narrative. This is something which I have considered in my project. Voiceovers will help a lot in telling the narrative, because as she said in the answer, using the visuals alone when you are condensing all films into a 7 minute video, would make it much more difficult for people to understand the story I am trying to tell to those watching it, so adding voiceovers would support the scenes which I would use. To be more specific, I would use voiceovers from the films to enhance the comprehension of the narrative for those who are watching it.


Harry Potter tribute – Time by Hanz Zimmer, (Dean Tsalickis, 2013)

This video is a tribute video for the Harry Potter saga which was made 4 years ago. I wanted to have a look at this particular video because of the way it was done, how the music fitted with the scenes, the scenes themselves which were used to tell the story and how it was told. These are the elements which attracted me. These are the things which I looked at as this is the kind of video I want to make, emotional, dramatic, with popular narrations linked to the scene being used, to tell a story in my own way. Some of the narration which was being used in this video could be very useful for mine, as having key quotes, by liking it to the scenes should catch the audience.

This video has definitely inspired me in what I want to do. I got inspired by the way he has done this video from the elements which I have named. One of the main issues which I have found was especially with the volumes of when someone was talking. Whenever there was a narration, I could barely hear it because the music was taking over. I think what he should have done was adding keyframes on the music so that he can lower the volume of it, to make the voices of the characters speaking, much clearer.

It is similar because of the atmosphere it gives when watching it. It looks dark, emotional, dramatic, which is exactly what I thought of when watching it and what I want people to feel like when watching my Harry Potter video, I want people to hopefully say that I was emotional, dark, dramatic, that the story makes sense and all those things


Epic Harry Potter Tribute, (Barney Banicle, 2011)

This is another video which I thought would be similar to what I would do because of the story it tells and the dramatic scenes used with the music to make it more compelling. I really liked the way that he edited this video. He chose good scenes which goes well with the narration, which finally goes well with the music. I thought the narrative to tell his story was really good. He showed how Harry has grown from when he was little to when he was a young adult, showing all the events that happened in between, which is the kind of thing I want to do for my video but in a different way of course.

There is a problem however, which is the same as the problem which I explained for the other video. The music takes over the dialogues, which is quite annoying because hearing what the characters say is quite important so that we know some information about it. I think what he should do is add keyframes on the music whilst a character is speaking so that the volume is low enough for the dialogues to be said. That is the only problem which I have found when watching this video

This video has quite a similar style to mine in some ways because of the way it was done and the story which was told. It focused a lot on Harry Potter and the way darkness rose. It talks about the friendship which Harry Potter had with his friends at some points in the video. It also talked about the Horcruxes and showed the deaths of some of the main characters. Whilst watching it, I also noticed the transitions of when Harry Potter was young for example to when he was a young adult. It also showed Snape’s transition from when he was a child, growing up as someone who spied Voldermort to protect Harry and unfortunately, it showed his death as well. It has a story which links to my story which I want to tell, but will be told in a completely different way.


Harry Potter Tribute

Image result for harry potter

Richmond, 2016

This will be my project for this term. We have 9 weeks to complete it, including pre-production, production and post-production, as well as evaluating our final product. Although we have between 8 and 9 weeks, we have to manage those weeks ourselves, by planning out carefully when will do each job.

My Idea

For my idea, I thought of doing which is only editing-based, so there will be no filming required, so it will let me plan have a bit more time to plan.

My idea is doing a tribute video for the Harry Potter Saga. I wanted to do it in a way which people would remember it as ‘the greatest saga ever’. By doing that I wanted to create my own narrative from the Harry Potter films. There are many ways which I could tell the story, many themes from Friendship, to good and evil, to Harry being a bad wizard as he was not as good at the beginning, to being a confident wizard by the end who fights alongside his friends and knows a lot of spell etc… Although for my particular tribute video. I wanted to show a few things. I want to show the friendship/relationship that Harry had between Ron and Hermione, but also the relationship between Dumbledore, Sirius, Snape, Hagrid and his Parent. So in the first 2-3 minutes, I would start with Harry Potter dying from the Deathly Hallows Part 2, to destroy the Horcrux which was within him, then it goes back to the beginning where I will introduce harry in his first few years, showing the friendship between him, Ron and Hermione. There will be a tiny bit about the Dursley Family, the origin of his scar ( which will be explained later in the video), that fact that he will be famous because of it. Although throughout those 2-3 minutes, Voldermort’s name will be mentioned more and more.

Then it will move onto Voldermort’s side. He will be introduced more. It will first of all, show him when he was young, when Dumbledore first met him, then it will be when Professor Slughorn, then onto when he was at the Chamber of Secret against Harry Potter. Because Tom Riddle is actually Voldermort, there will be a link with the Horcruxes, talking a bit about it, which will also link to harry Potter being the Horcrux himself, which is an important part of the harry Potter saga It will finally show him when he rose to power in the last 5 films. As well as showing Voldermort, it will show the deaths of Sirius, Dumbledore, Cedric, Snape and his parents, which were caused either by Voldermort, or those who are with him, which truly shows the Dark Arts rising to power.

In the final part, it will show the key fighting scenes from all 8 films, as well as the destruction of all Horcruxes. These are the final climax moments to show all the key events which happened. Then towards the last calmed minute, it will show the transition of Harry, Ron and Hermione together from where they were young in that first year, to when they were adults, and even where there were parents at the end of The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Production Research/ Secondary Research

Editing skills I will use and why

There are a few editing techniques which I will use for this project, Here are the following:

L Cuts – L Cuts is a technique where for example, you see character A speaking, but then the scene cuts to character B as Character A continues its dialogue. By doing this, the editor is allowing the viewers to heard the dialogue while also seeing the reaction of character B, giving the audience a better overall understanding of the scene.

However, for my project, I would understand this in another way. I would have a scene where someone starts talking, but halfway through, the scene would change to another scene which links to what the text it saying so that people can understand more about it rather than keeping the same scene for the whole time, so that it gives the video a bit more of interest.

Jump Cuts

  • Quick cuts – This is where the scenes only last a few seconds then changes to another scene quickly. This transition would have a more dramatic effect, especially in scenes where tension build up.

I want to use this transition because this is where the dramatic stuff happens, so it would mostly be used in the last 3-4 minutes of the video where the drums kicks in, which is where some actions scenes would be placed, but mostly in the last 2 minutes.

  • Slow cuts – This is where the transitions between 2 scenes are slow, so it would take time for the viewers to see what is happening, to make them think about what is happening.

I want to use this transition because in the first 2-3 minutes of the video, it will start slowly because the music itself starts calm, so I want to scenes to synchronise with the music so that it goes well together.

Use of Transitions – These are transitions like cross dissolve, dip to colour and many others, which are used to smooth the transitions between 2 scenes so that it does not become too sudden.

There will be a lot of transitions in my video, sometimes there will be no transitions for  tension scenes or actions scenes, just quick cut scenes, but for the more slow-paced parts of the video, I will include cross dissolve transitions, dip to colour and many other to make it a bit more dramatic.

Test edit of Transition

I wanted to experiment on the use of transitions for my project, as there will be uses of transitions, so I thought of doing this on the intro of my video for example.


For this transition, I have used cross dissolve, which I thought would be a good transition for the intro of the video. Because it takes around 20 seconds, I want people to get excited when the video starts so having this slow cross dissolve transition from black & white to full colours is the ideal start of the video.

Colour changing – This is where I am changing from one colour to another colour.

I will be using this from time to dark, especially if it is from black and white to full colours. For example, I will have the logo at the beginning of the video to switch colours from black and white to full colours as the music start, to start dramatically, so that it makes people anticipated and making them want to watch more of the video.


Harry Potter – orphaned son of James Potter and Lily Evans and student at Hogwarts

Image result for harry potter

Pringle Peaches, 2016


  •    Harry is strongly guided by his own conscience, and has a keen feeling of what is right and wrong. Having “very limited access to truly caring adults
  •   He does make mistakes, but in the end, he does what his conscience tells him to do
  • He’s not a cruel boy. He’s competitive, and he’s a fighter. He is also brave and selfless

Hermione Granger – Muggle-born Gryffindor student in Harry’s year, one of Harry’s best friends, founder of Dumbledore’s Army, Gryffindor Prefect

Image result for hermione granger

Flacco Jack, 2013


  •    Hermione’s most prominent features include her unusual intelligence and cleverness. She is book-smart, and is very good with logic.
  •  Hermione has an extremely compassionate side to her personality and is quick to help others, especially those who are defenseless, such as Neville Longbottom
  • She is often bossy

Ron Weasley – Best friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, youngest Son of Arthur and Molly Weasley, Gryffindor Quidditch Keeper, school prefect, a member of Dumbledore’s Army

Image result for ron weasley

Fan Pop, 2017


  •   He is very funny, but insentive and immature.
  •   As his character develops, he is the most immature of the 3 main characters ( including Hermione and Harry), but in part 7, we can clearly see that he grows up.

Dumbledore – Hogwarts Headmaster in Harry Potter’s time, Transfiguration professor in Tom Riddle’s time, founder of the Order of the Phoenix.

Image result for dumbledore

Diaz Eric, 2015


  •   He is benevolent and wise. He rarely displays intense emotions of anger or fear.
  •   Dumbledore has a deep capacity for love, frequently reminding Harry that love was the greatest magic of all.

Severus Snape – Hogwarts, Potions and later Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Head of Slytherin House, a member of both the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix.

Image result for severus snape

Wikipedia, 2017


  •     He is generally described as being cold, precise, sarcastic and bitter
  •    The adult Snape on the other hand is portrayed as self assured and confident. He displays a very calm, rarely a loss for words and taken off guard
  •        He is intelligent and has a keen, analytical mind

Sirius Black – Harry Potter’s godfather, a member of the Order of the Phoenix and prisoner on the run

Image result for sirius black

8 Bit Design Group, 2016

  • Loyal to Harry

Draco Malfoy – Slytherin student in Harry’s year, Slytherin Quidditch Seeker, school prefect, member of the Inquisitorial Squad.


Image result for draco malfoy


Harry Potter Fan On, 2017


  • He is a spoiled, rich brat.
  •    He believes that his family’s wealth and social position gives him the right to bully those poorer than himself.

Themes which I could use for the Harry Potter video

  • Friendship/Relationship between his friends and some of the teachers, Dumbledore, Sirius, Snape and his parents.
  • Good and Evil, showing the rise of Voldermort and the Dark Arts, as well as the rise of the good side, the Order Of the Phoenix, Dumbledore Army, hunt for Horcruxes
  • Showing that Harry Potter was a bad wizard at first as he was new, to when he was a developed wizard, using the Patronum spell mainly and  many others to the last film.
  • Showing the path of Harry Potter from when he was a young boy to when he was an adult, showing all the key events that happened to him during the 8 years.
  • The family that Harry Potter had, or that Ron Weasley had for example, or any other characters in the film who had a family.


The music which I will be using for my project is called Zack Hemsey – The Way. After many searches for a music that would go well with these films, I thought of choosing this one as it starts really calm in the first 2-3 minutes, then the tension builds towards the last 2 minutes where it all explodes. I thought this would be a good music as I can tell the story of Harry Potter using these rhythm. So to the start I would introduce Harry and his friends, in the first 3 years of school. As the music goes on, it would get darker and Voldermort will be introduced more and more as the video goes on, as well as the other characters, then towards the final few minutes, there will be a lot of action scenes from all the movies, as well as the destruction of the Horcruxes and the deaths of the characters while the drums are kicking.

Zack Hemsey – ‘The Way (Instrumental)’ Zack Hemsey, (Zack Hemsey, 2011)


The target audience for my project are teenagers who like fantasy films or who even like Harry Potter films. The other target audience are people are are good with editing, so they would look more into the way my video would be done if they wrote a feedback for it. Their age would be between 12 -18 years old, as these films would involve the more the teenagers of these ages, as they are growing up, making friends and all those things, which links to a teenager’s life.


My project is about how Harry Potter changed from when he was a young boy to when he was a young adult after hunting all the Horcruxes, showing the relationships between Harry Potter and the other characters, how the enemies link to him and all the good and bad events which happened between the first episode and the last episode. I thought this was a good way of doing this tribute video so that I show the viewers that I also understand about the narrative.

Equipment/Software + Budget

Because this is a video done by the use of found footage, the only equipment I will need is a computer, and an editing software.

The computer which I will use in my own computer, which is an XPS 15 with Infinity Edge Display. It’s specially designed for graphic design, music production, photo editing, and film making.

DELL XPS 15 15.6" Laptop - Silver

Currys, 2017

The editing software which I will use is DaVinci Resolve or Avid. It would mostly be Davinci Resolve as I have more experience using it. There are more functions which are needed in this software than Avid, which is why I prefer using this one.

Image result for avid media composer logo

Twitter, 2017

Image result for davinci resolve logo

Marine Joe, 2015


The budget for the XPS 15 is £1,599, which is a good price for this kind of laptop.

DaVinci Resolve: £437 ( approximately)

Avid Media Composer: £255

So in total the price for everything would be around £2,291. Which does look expensive, but at the same time, I think it would’ve been worth it, so that I can edit using a really powerful laptop, which will make it much easier for me.

These prices are if for if I have to buy them. However, I have Davinci Resolve for free and for Avid Media Composer, I will use the free trial  of Avid Media Composer when editing, so I will not need to pay for it just yet.

Production Schedule


This will be my production schedule during my FMP. I have planned for a whole week what I would do. I have to make sure that I have do as much as I can during the week so that I can then go on the next tasks and so on. If I don’t follow this timeline, I will start to fall behind, which would meant that I will pile more and more of last week’s work, and I will start feeling the pressure increasing more and more. So I have to make sure that I do not fall behind and that I keep track of the schedule, so that everything goes well.

Capture 30.JPG

I have also used the Gantt chart to make it easier for me to plan out in a simple way what I will do for the next few weeks. This is very helpful because it is done fast and is easier to see when you have to do what at what day of the week, as if you were planning for an exam. This is actually the kind of thing which I have done for my GCSE’s, I planned what day I revised each week using this kind of method, which I thought made it much easier and you can organise yourself better as well. so for my project, I will follow this schedule to make sure that I don’t loose track of it because if I do, I run the risk of having too much to do after.


The pre-production will take place over 4 weeks, from the 24th of April to the 21st of May. This will be enough time for me plan as much as I can so that when it comes to the production/post-production, I am ready for it. On the first week, I will start by researching the editing techniques, by explaining why I will use each of the chosen techniques. I will then explain the character’s personality and saying who they are. Not just any of the Harry Potter characters, but the main characters of the movie, as there dozens of characters, which it would not be as helpful in my project to write about everyone. As well as planning for my project, I will have to complete tasks which comes from the criterias 1.1, 2.1 etc… Because I have to do those 2 work, I have to finish the tasks first before continuing with my project.

Production/Post Production

Because I am editing using found footage, the stages for this would be between production and post-production because I don’t need to film, I would be editing instead whilst the others are filming. So I think for me, it would be more considered as production rather than post-production


Storyboards are really important for my project as making a 7 minute video, I can’t just do it from scratch, it will require some planning in advance. Because this video will be from found footage, the way of doing that storyboard might be done differently to other storyboards which I have done in the last few months. What I might do for this particular video, would be to do it on the computer. I might have a blank template of a storyboard, and have an image of some of the key scenes which I will use within the video so that I tell as simple as possible what I want to tell to my audience, as I am creating my own narrative. By doing this, it will make it easier for me when it comes to the editing. I will then be able to find the scenes which I need to then assemble them in the order that I want.

This will be my storyboard for my project. This will be my own narrative of it so that I show people that I understand it. I want to tell it in a way which will be memorable for those watching it and myself as well, something which people haven’t seen yet.

The way I have structured this storyboard is by dividing it in different themes as I am telling a story. The first theme, apart from the intro, talks about  the origins of Harry Potter for a bit and friendship, but more specifically about the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione, although because this might be a bit long, it will also feature the relation between Harry and Sirius Black, Dumbledore and Snape. The second theme is about the origins of Voldermort as Tom Riddle and Voldermort becoming more powerful. Basically this section is when things get dark. It will also link with the Horcruxes,as this is an important section of the entire saga. It will also feature the origin of Harry Potter’s parents deaths, which is how he got the scar. The last theme is pretty much the key fight scenes from all 8 films, as well as the destruction of the Horcruxes. This is when the climax of the video is reached. After that minute of action, it will end peacefully with the transition of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 3.JPG

Storyboard 4

Storyboard 5


Scene 1- I decided to choose this scene to show that Harry Potter had to die for a cause which was severe, and linked to Voldermort, which is explained in the video.

Scene 2 – Dumbledore’s first appearance would be a good way of starting the actual tribute video, because I wanted to start with the first 2-3 years of Harry Potter’s life, and when he was a baby, so introducing Dumbledore from the first movie is a good way of introducing the tribute video itself.

Scene 3 – I wanted to show the Dursleys as Harry Potter lived with them, so including them would be good as they are an important part in Harry’s life.

Scene 4 – Harry Potter’s first wand is one of the most important scenes within the harry Potter sage as he is becoming a wizard. I wanted to include that scene because it is really the first time that we see Harry Potter holding his proper wand.

Scene 5 – Because I am including friendship within my tribute video so Harry, Ron and Hermione’s friendship, especially the first time they meet.

Scene 6 – This is at the end of the Philosopher Stone where Hermione tells Harry that he is brave, so there could be 2-3 scenes within that phrase which shows his braveness, which is part of Harry’s personality.

Scene 7 – I wanted to add this scene because it was at the end of The Chamber of Secrets where all those petrified were set free. Harry and Ron saved Hermione, so she is running at them, hugging them to say thank you, which I thought would be an emotional, friendship scene to add in.

Scene 8 – Another scene where it shows them all together walking down the stairs to see Hagrid, again this shows their friendship.

Scene 9 – Hermione and Harry together when going back in the past to see themselves again, which shows that Hermione and Harry will never leave each other.

Scene 10 – Showing Harry, Ron and Hermione laughing after Harry made a prank on them, which is a scene where are having a bit of fun which again, shows friendship

Scene 11 – Same as the other 5 scenes, it shows friendship.

Scene 12 – This is when Harry Potter was safe after the Dementor attack, Hermione and Ron were relieved he was alive. I thought this would be a good scene to show, as it shows that they are supporting each other.

Scene 13 – I thought of adding this scene from The Philosopher Stone where Hagrid says that there are good and bad wizards in the wizarding world because what he says is also true in the real world as well.

Scene 14 – Showing Malfoy while Hagrid talks about good and bad wizards is one which I thought of choosing because Malfoy does become bad, but by being told that he had to kill Malfoy, although, this part will not be explained in the video as it isn’t what I want people to see for my particular video

Scene 15 – Hagrid telling Harry for the first time, Voldermort’s name which will lead to the theme about Voldermort. I thought this would be a good transition between the 2 themes and it switches from the lighter part to the dark parts of the Harry Potter saga, which I think makes it a bit more entertaining.

Scene 16/17/18- Because I am talking about Voldermort (Tom Riddle), I wanted to show the origin of Voldermort by firstly showing him as a boy, to when he was a teenager, in which he talks about the Horcruxes. It then shows him as an adult, but in the transition of him from when he was young to when he was an adult, to Voldermort after, I want to include a narration from Dumbledore, in which he talks about him briefly.

Scene 19 – I wanted to have the scene where Dumbledore talks about Harry Potter being the Horcrux, in The Deathly Hallows Part 2, which is a really important scene within the Harry Potter saga, so adding it is important because it links to the Horcruxes which were previously mentioned.

Scene 20 – This is the aftermath of when he saw Snape’s memories, so he tells Hermione and Ron that Harry is the horcrux because of the cause which will be told in the video.

Scene 21 – Having Harry and Hermione together in that last scene saying that he will finish Dumbledore’s job before the last climax is something I thought which would be good to add because after everything that has happened, and that he knows about the Horcruxes, he would have to go and destroy these Horcruxes.

Scene 22 – In this scene, there will be Voldermort and his army in The Deathly Hallows Part 2, prepare for battle, so having that scene to when Voldermort says ‘Begin’ would show that the key fighting scenes will begin as well, so that there is link between what he says and what happens for the next minute.

Scene 23 – There will be all the destruction of the horcruxes in this 1 minute action scenes. to show that Voldermort is dying slowly as each soul is destroyed.

Scene 24 – The deaths of some of the main characters are extremely important to show, to show that Harry has lost people who were extremely close to him and that he suffered a great deal emotionally because of it.

Scene 25/26 – This scene will show the transition of Harry, Ron and Hermione from when they were little to when they were old to finish the video in a happy way.


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