Marwan Boudanga – Film & TV

Film & TV course Level 3

Week 7 – Portfolio

Draft 1 - 6 June 2017 Draft 2 - 12 June 2017 Draft 3 - 13 June 2017 Draft 4 - 13 June 2017 Draft 5 - 14 June 2017 Draft 6- 18 June 2017 Final Draft - 20 June... Continue Reading →



Harry Potter Tribute

Week 6

Pre-Production paperwork pack Project Proposal

Week 5, 2.1/2.2 – Extended Project

    Within this week, we have to write about how we are going to research what we need for this project, mainly for primary and secondary research. My Project My project is a Harry Potter tribute video which tells... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – 2.1 Extended Project

Different types of┬áResearch There are many types of research that you can do when you are working on a project. Although for my project, there are a few ways of researching which I will use whilst planning. Internet Internet research... Continue Reading →

Project Proposal – FMP

project propasal new 2 (3)    

Week 3, 1.1 -Extended Project

How is your industry structured? Provide an overview, identifying which specific area of┬áthe industry to which your work would be relevant The specific area of the industry to which I am focusing on is the editing side of things as... Continue Reading →

Evidence Document


Final Major Project – My initial deas

Who I am mindmap   ( You will have to zoom in a bit to be able to read what it says on the mindmap) 'What I have learnt' Infographic   Final Major Project Ideas My first idea - 'Tribute... Continue Reading →

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