Marwan Boudanga – Film & TV

Film & TV course Level 3

Week 1 – FMP

Week 8 and 9: Project 2 – The Scene

For the next 2 weeks, we have making an end-of-term project, called 'The Scene', in which the theme is based on 'Friendship'. The length of this video must be 1 minute long exactly, not more not less. Not only we have... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback

This week was a visual based week this time. We learnt about the stages of production but based on visuals rather than audio. We then did a practical, using the same pre-production skills as last week when filling documentations, although... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Visual

This week, we have learnt about the stages of production in a visual sense this time. We have also used these method our our visual task for this week Pre-Production For this post, there are 4 questions which are asked which... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback

This week was an audio based week. This time we learnt about the different stages of production, these are: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. We talked about them within audio. Our practical this week was to do a Radio-Play showing the... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Audio

Stage Productions Within this week, we were focusing on Audio. Although, within audio, we looked at the pre-production of Audio. There are 3 stages in film production: Pre-Production Production Post-Production Silver Hook Studios, No Date What is pre-production? K Vibe,... Continue Reading →

Week 5: Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback

This week was our last audio based week. We learned more in-depth about microphones and their polar patterns. We also learnt about sound waves and its characteristics, followed by an example which will all be explained below. In our last... Continue Reading →

Week 5, Unit 5 – Audio Skills

This week we have learnt about what sound in terms of waves and how it works. We also learned about how we would record in a location, to think about the problems and the type of microphone we would use. We... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Reflective Writing and Peer Feedback

This week was a visual-based week. We re-capped on light, but in a bit more detail than in the first term. We have learnt about the problems, when using light, the 4 major features of film lighting which will be... Continue Reading →

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